Wedding Photos, Part II (Photo Heavy)

I received the link to my wedding photos today!

The CDs with the high quality images are still in the mail, but I was SO EXCITED to see the full set of photos. Here are my favorite new ones.

The dress:

The Dress

The shoes and bouquet:

Shoes & Bouquet

Random getting ready pictures:

Close-UpGetting ReadyGetting Ready


BridalBridal BridalBridal Shoes

The first look:

Groom's BoutonniereFirst Look First Look             First Look First Look

The boys:


The girls:


Me and my mom:

Me & Mom

And my dad:

Me & Dad

My brother:

Me & Jon

Matron of honor, Michelle:

Me & Michelle

Bridesmaid and cousin, Cathleen:

Me & Cathleen

Bridesmaid, Melinda:

Me & Melinda

Maid of Honor, Amy:

Me & Amy Me & Amy

Bridesmaid and cousin, Kelsi:

Me & Kelsi

Bridesmaid and new sister-in-law, Meghan:

Me & Meghan

Vet school girls:

Vet School Girls



Cousins and brother:

Cousins & Brother

One of the items on our guest book table:

Guestbook Table

Our floral arch:


The musicians:

Metro Sax Quartet

My mom and brother:

Jon & MomJon & Mom

My dad and I walking in:

Me & Dad

Jordan and I walking out:

Me & Jordan

My family with my grandparents:

My Family

The first dance:

First DanceFirst Dance

Father Daughter dance:

Father Daughter Dance

Mother Son dance:

Mother Son Dance

And Jordan’s dad cutting in:

Mother Son Dance Mother Son Dance

Our fabulous cakes!

Cakes Groom's CakeGroom's Cake Sophia



The bouquet toss:

Bouquet Toss

The garter toss:

Garter Toss Garter Toss Garter Toss Garter Toss Garter Toss Garter Toss Garter Toss

(That’s probably my favorite sequence of the night.)

Cousins again:


And some more dancing:


And of course the Aggie War Hymn:

Aggie War Hymn Aggie War Hymn Aggie War Hymn Aggie War Hymn

The getaway :

Getaway CarGetaway Car

Now the biggest decision, which photos do we have blown up to put on our walls??


Leg Day (In More Ways Than One)

Monday was a great day!


I woke up at 4:45am to head to the gym for leg day. I have a love/hate relationship with leg day. It makes me feel super strong, but the whole time my legs are just screaming. And then for the next two days I feel like a cripple.

IMG_1983My first appointment was for three sets of vaccines and a dental. I whipped through the vaccines pretty quickly with no issues, although the mom warned me that the horses could be a little jumpy. When we got to deworming them, however, that was another issue entirely. The first horse was fine, and took his dewormer easily. When I approached the second horse with the tube of dewormer, he whirled and sat back against the rope tying him to the fence.

After several attempts to restrain the horse to administer the dewormer, with various degrees of reaction from the horse, I asked the mom to hold the dewormer tube and I took the horse out to the middle of the pasture by himself. We started with just placing my hand on his nose. He resisted, tossing his head and trying to move away from me. Initially he was attempting to bolt away from me, but I had a short hold on the lead rope so he couldn’t go anywhere. As soon as he dropped his head and stopped moving his feet, I took my hand off his nose. We probably repeated this process ten times before he would accept me placing my hand on his nose with no head tossing or moving away.

This worked because as soon as the horse was doing what I wanted him to do, I took the “pressure” away, which is his reward. The pressure, in this horse’s case, was my hand resting on the bridge of his nose. Once he was accepting the hand on the nose, I worked on getting him to allow the hand on the nose with my other hand on the side of his face. Initially he was terrified of my second hand going anywhere near his mouth, even with my hand empty. I finally got him to accept my left hand over his nose and right hand rubbing the side of his nose/mouth. Then I took the dewormer from the mom. As soon as he saw it we had to start from square one with the hand on the nose. This time, however, it only took about three tries before he would happily accept the hand on the nose. I then started rubbing the side of his face with the dewormer tube. This took a while. I started on his cheek and slowly worked my way down his face until he would let me rub it on the side of his nose and mouth.

Once I was sure he was happy with that step, I knew I could get the dewormer in him. At this point I had been working with the horse for about 20 minutes, and I needed to get going. If this had been my personal horse, I would have gotten her to accept me sticking the tube in her mouth, and would have conditioned her with treats – every time you accept the tube in the mouth, you get a cookie. Since this was not my horse and I was running out of time, I told the mom that I could get the dewormer in but it would probably completely undo all of the work I had just done. He was going to feel tricked.

I put my hand on his nose, and lightning fast stuck the tube in his mouth and dewormed him. He was not thrilled, but was surprisingly not terrible. He didn’t try to bolt, which was an improvement. I left the empty tube with the owner to work with the horse so that in the future maybe he will learn that deworming is not a terrifying experience.

My next appointment was for lameness evaluations and joint injections (if needed) at a local therapy center. We evaluated four horses, most of whom had been seen several times before by my practice. Three of them were pretty straight forward, they had already been diagnosed with arthritis in particular joints, their gait evaluation by me correlated with their historical findings, and I injected the appropriate joints – two pasterns (ringbone); stifles, hocks and a fetlock on a very elderly horse; and hocks on a middle aged horse who is just now needing some therapy. The fourth horse historically has had his left hock and right front fetlock injected, due to arthritis and a cyst in his fetlock joint. The hock was still doing ok, but the trainer was complaining that the horse was limping in the front.

When I evaluated the horse’s lameness, he was very obviously lame on the left front, even though the trainer said it was usually the right that bothers him. Flexing the left front limb resulted in a worsening of the lameness. We decided to use a local anesthetic to desensitize, or “block”, the horse from the pastern joint down, to determine if the lameness was likely due to a problem in his foot or likely in his fetlock similar to his right front.

The block worked beautifully. I wish I had videoed before and after, it was so perfect. The left front went completely sound and the right front became obviously lame (note: the right was always lame, but because the left was so bad it masked the fact that the right was painful as well). We decided to inject the horse’s coffin joint on the left and the right front fetlock again. This horse also had abnormal hoof conformation on the left front, which is very likely the root of the problem with that limb.

Okay, that’s probably more than enough information for you guys for today! I’ll be back soon with more updates from work this week!

Home Makeover and House Party

Hey guys! So I mentioned in my huge update last month that I have been working on the house that we’re currently living in.

The real story is that we are currently living in my grandparents’ house, the house my mom grew up in. In exchange for free rent (we are paying utilities, taxes, and insurance costs), we are attempting to fix the place up in our free time.

1959: The year the house was born

Williams Photos - September 1959

1991: 32 years later… the bushes are bigger and they added some shutters, but basically the same.

1991_04_Larry & Gladys 19

2014: The first change I made to the house was painting the front door. I also added some cushions to the swing.


And you know we had to put up our flag to represent.


I found this beautiful little rose growing next to our gas lamp one day.


We also built a gate as one of our first orders of business so that the dogs could have the run of the backyard. It’s also good for privacy. I was pretty proud of our building skills, although it is a little crooked :)


Ok, so here is the best “before” picture of the living room that I have, circa 1985.

Larry & Gladys 18And here’s the “after” picture. We painted all of the paneling an off white, replaced the light fixtures, and painted the fireplace.


From the other angles:

IMG_1639IMG_1640I couldn’t find other good “before” pictures of the rest of the house, but here are the other updates we’ve done.

We repainted the front room:


We ripped out all the wallpaper and repainted the kitchen. (Excuse the cabinets, they are a work in progress.)

IMG_1638IMG_1656The rest of the house is still in various states of updating, but I will keep you guys posted as to how it’s going.

On Sunday night we celebrated my mom’s birthday with a dinner party for my immediate family and my aunt. I gave my mom her cow painting, and we had Mexican casserole that I made from this Weight Watcher’s recipe. It’s one of the few recipes my husband will let me repeat on a regular basis, and one of even fewer that he will actually eat leftovers from.

Here are photos of the house pre-party, using all of our new servingware from our wedding registry :)



IMG_1658That’s it for now! More to come later and some exciting (sort of) updates with social media!

Tricking People Into Thinking You Can Paint, Part II (DIY: Animal Portrait)

Ok guys, it’s the update I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for on the edge of your seats.

(By the way, every time I start a new blog entry I want to be all like “ok Y’ALL” or something equally annoyingly Texan. I don’t speak that way, so I don’t know where this urge is coming from. Anyway, just throwing that out there.)

So remember that time I started a painting with this lovely little outline:


And then was like, whoops sorry guys, forgot to take pictures! And ended up with this:


And left you all like this:


No? If you don’t remember, you can read about it here. (You can also find the materials I used if you follow the link.)

So here is the breakdown, step by step, of how to actually trick people into thinking you can paint.

DIY: Animal Portrait

Start with a good quality photo.


(I am not good with backgrounds, so I “intentionally” leave them out as part of my “style” ;)

Then, using a photo editor like Picasa, print out your photo “poster-size”. I had to play with this one a bit to get the right size for my canvas. I think it wound up taking 9 pages of printer paper. (Side note: when you go to print the poster pages, make sure you select the shrink to fit option, and not the crop to fit option.)

Then cut out the white edges around the pages so your picture lines up correctly. Tape the colored edges together.


Now cut out the image you want to put on the canvas.


Then trace around the image. I just drew blobs around the cow’s feet since the feet were hidden in the grass, and then googled “cow hooves” and drew them from the pictures.


Then I cut out large sections of the cow where there are logical “lines” (i.e. around the horns, eyes, ears, hooves, legs, etc.) You can be as detailed or not as you want, the more detailed the more realistic it will be, the less detailed the more abstract it will be. Either way it’s going to look good. If you want to be super detailed you can follow the lines of shadows and color variations. I did a little of this. I would recommend using a closer range of colors if you’re going more detailed, and a wider range (more dramatic differences between colors) if you’re going to do a more abstract piece.


Now comes the fun part, painting! I basically treat it like a paint by number. I sit with the original painting in front of me and try to get my colors fairly close. Here are pictures as my painting progressed. I try to start with something easier and move on the the harder stuff later. Don’t worry if you mess up or decide you don’t like your color choices, wait for them to dry and you can paint right over the top.






After I’m finished with the color portion, I use white paint to cover the rest of the canvas and touch up any little boo-boos I might have made. It also sharpens the edges.

Hopefully my mom likes her birthday present! Please let me know if you try this out, I would love to see your results!

TGIF and a Teaser

Whoo it’s been crazy around here!

Yesterday I had a full morning of appointments. My first was a recheck of a laceration and lameness on a lovely CCI** horse, who was very recently purchased for an up and coming young rider. They are VERY excited about him, and unfortunately he cut himself in the pasture last week so we’ve been extremely careful and proactive to try to prevent it from being a huge problem.

When I looked at him earlier in the week he was very mildly lame, and I could make him slightly worse with an upper limb flexion. Yesterday he was still just slightly unlevel baseline, but did not change with the flexion, which is a positive sign. I radiographed the area around the wound, and he does have a mild periosteal reaction at the level of the laceration. Per my boss’s instructions we infused the area locally with steroids and an antibiotic to calm it down. I will be rechecking him Wednesday morning to give them the all-clear for their event next weekend, which I will be at as well. They plan to take it easy with him so hopefully we can get it under control and prevent a major setback.

I also saw a horse for coggins and joint supplement injection, and then removed sutures on a post-op enucleation.

After my morning appointments I received a message that a group of the puppies I bred were going to the park, so I ran and grabbed the girls and we met everyone for a quick hike!






Five of my babies showed up! I was so excited to see them all, they are 6 1/2 months old now! Reese liked seeing her babies too :)

Afterwards my girls were wiped out.


They are so cute together.

After we got home, I put the girls in their kennels for a nap while I worked on my mom’s birthday present. I spent about 3 hours on it, and made some pretty good progress.

*Spoiler Alert*
I am going to do a full post on this when I get finished, hopefully today! I can’t stand waiting though, so here’s a quick teaser :)


The horns are my favorite part! I can’t wait to be finished and see my mom’s reaction!

Back to work, hope everyone has a great weekend! (P.S. I’ve already pulled a tooth this morning, what have YOU done?)

Totes Ma Goats

Aaaahhh! You guys! My afternoon call turned out to be exciting after all, and not because of the case in any way, shape, or form. I got out of the truck and saw this running around the yard:


I instantly reverted to the level of a toddler, squealing with excitement. I’m pretty sure I was running after them like this:


Oh, and did I mention there were FOUR of them?



These little guys are two week old Pygmy goats, and they weigh less than 5 pounds each, about the size of a Yorkie or large Chihuahua.

I. Was. Dying.

They are so stinking cute. I already told the owner that I will be stealing one the second we have a piece of property that they can live on. I also smelled like goat for the rest of the day (they are literally stinking cute), but it was totally worth it since I got to hug one. 😍😍😍

The case I looked at was not nearly as exciting as the goats. This little mare has been sick with a “cold” for over a month now, and is having some nasal discharge when exercised. She also has a moderate cough. Rebreathing and ausculting her lung fields and trachea produced some coughing, and the harsh sounds were definitely upper respiratory. She was not running a fever.

Due to the fact that this little mare has been exposed to horses with current strangles (Strep equi) infections, this is definitely at the top of my list even though she is fully vaccinated. We went ahead and submitted a culture and sensitivity on some of the nasal discharge so that hopefully we can figure out what kind of bug is causing her illness. I started her on antibiotics and we will make changes if necessary when we get the sensitivity results back.

After my final afternoon call, I hit the gym for a quick workout, and then picked up those extra paint colors I mentioned earlier. Things went a lot smoother with the proper colors.

I also stopped by my husband’s clinic to say hi since I was in the area and he is currently on the afternoon/evening shift. We still aren’t seeing much of each other when we’re not sleeping. I was wearing my “I just worked out but I’m on call” look:


I love to embarrass him :)

Hope everyone else had a good evening!

Not Enough Hours in the Day

I have so many things to get done before Sunday evening!

I started working on my mom’s birthday present (full post to come). Unfortunately due to my inept paint mixing skills, I need to run to the craft store and buy more paint in colors closer to what I need. The basic outline is done though, so at least I’m partway there.

I also need to finish painting the fireplace, it has been an enormously painful task, and I will be SO HAPPY when it is finished. Other house things to get done:

– Clean all the things (it never ends)
– Re-paint the kitchen cabinets
– Hang the cabinet doors with new hinges and handles/knobs
– Paint the laundry area
– Hang paintings/artwork to make house look better
– Buy flowers for vase

I’m also debating about buying some pillows and decorative things for the house… I know my husband doesn’t think I should since we’re not intending to live here for long, but if I buy stuff we like there’s no reason it can’t come with us…

I also need to make a menu for the birthday party Sunday. I’m cooking most of the food, so I’ve got to figure out something easy to cook for a party of 7. Any ideas?

I’m off to see a horse with a chronic “cold”, I’ll see what we find and report back if it’s interesting :)



(Teddy, my favorite boy, at a show in 2008.)