Blog One

Today was my second day working the daytime ER shift at school. I’m not going to lie, the past few days have been rough. Sunday I worked the 4pm to 4am shift, got an hour and a half of sleep, and then came back to work the 6am to 6pm shift. Everyone at school kept telling me how they got to leave early on their “24 hour day” so I shouldn’t worry about it, I would be fine. I wound up having to stay until after 6:30pm and I was in a FOUL mood. I hate that I was so unpleasant, but I was exhausted and I had terrible luck with cases.

I wound up staying late today as well, and unfortunately I have to say my mood wasn’t much better. I had a patient come in at 3:30 who should have made an appointment with a different service, but since they would have had to wait a week for the soonest appointment they brought their pet in through the emergency service to get immediate treatment. Not that I don’t think the pet should have been treated, I was just frustrated that while I am supposed to be on the emergency service taking care of emergency patients (i.e. hit by cars, respiratory distress, seizures, etc.) I was stuck in radiology restraining the patient for multiple hours for an intense internal medicine work up. I already took internal med, I really want to learn about the critical care side of medicine.

My eating today was higher calorie than I wanted it to be, and not very well scheduled, but I only ate healthy foods so I don’t feel quite as guilty about it as I would otherwise.

Breakfast – 1T PB, 1 venti skinny peppermint latte

Snack – EAS light protein shake, V8 spicy

Lunch – Italian style wedding soup

Snack – 2 cuties, baby carrots, hummus cup

Dinner – ½ avocado with parmesan, Tabasco, and lime juice

Snack – baby carrots with hummus, 2T PB

When I got home I cleaned the house some, since it’s kind of turned into a mess while I was working on overnights last week. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill for the first time in a couple of days, and felt super tired and icky. Still kind of hungry too :(

Going to head to bed soon and hopefully I’ll feel happier in the morning.


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