One down, one to go

My second to last day on ER was today.  We had dog and cat emergencies coming in nonstop between 11 and 2pm. I think we wound up with something like 12-13 pets brought in during that three hour span. I had four patients myself, in addition to helping the other students with their patients (it takes at least two people to work up each patient, from taking a history from the client to getting the patient’s vital information). My patients included a cat with a bite wound-turned-abscess, a dachshund with scratches (bite wounds?) on its ears, a dog with severe neurologic problems causing ataxia and an inability to walk, and a Westie with a teeny tiny lip laceration. They all did fine today, and are currently at home or at least stable in the hospital. I’m concerned about the neuro dog, hopefully he’s just got a disk issue and can go to surgery where he can make a full recovery.

On the food front… I tried to go to Starbucks this morning (let’s be honest, I go to Starbucks every morning) and they didn’t open until 6:30am. Since I had to be at school by 6:00am I wound up going to McDonald’s for coffee. I was SO EXHAUSTED today, I guess from going to the movies last night? A friend and I went and saw Beautiful Creatures, which was really good, and I went to sleep around midnight. Apparently that’s way too late for an old person like me. Anyway, back to the foods. I had a large coffee and my standard cookie dough cereal for breakfast.

Cookie Dough Cereal – 1/3c oatmeal, 1T nut butter, sprinkle cinnamon, splash vanilla, 2 packets truvia. Mash together with fork until clumping.  Add 1c almond milk and eat like cereal.

For morning snack I had baby carrots and a hummus cup. Lunch was caught on the fly since we were super busy. I didn’t eat until about 3pm when I chugged my protein drink and had a mini 3 Musketeers bar out of the candy stash in ER. Later on in the afternoon I had an applesauce cup, an apple, another mini 3 Musketeers (bad bad bad I know), and a ¼ turkey sandwich from Jason’s Deli (someone dropped off extras from a meeting). I went to the grocery store after getting off from school and picked up a bunch of healthy stuff for lunches. I had a butternut squash lean cuisine for dinner and then made a pinterest recipe for dessert and to take to school tomorrow to celebrate being done with ER!

Healthiest Tasty Cookies Ever – 1c quick oats, 2 bananas, 3 packets Truvia, few dark chocolate chips. Preheat oven to 350*F. Mash bananas into oats and add Truvia. Mix WELL. Add chocolate chips. Spoon onto cookie sheet that has been sprayed with PAM. Bake 15 minutes.


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