The Case List

Today was officially my last day on the Small Animal ER rotation!!! I was so relieved to be finished tonight, it doesn’t even matter that I wasn’t done until 8pm. Okay, I was a little irritated that I had to stay late on my last day, but still I’m done!

It started really slowly today which was a relief after the hectic-ness of yesterday. I was able to make a bunch of phone calls about housing for next year (and by next year I mean May) and I actually found a few houses that will work for us! We have been having a terrible time trying to find somewhere to live that will let us keep our 5 pets. I have even decided to let my parents have one of my cats if necessary, so that we will have four pets in the house if that makes a difference. We will also be moving with my horses, but fortunately they will be stabled at a barn somewhere else. Anyway, I’m hoping that at least one of these houses will work for us for the next year and a half! I’m definitely relieved about that (for now. Check back in about a month to see how that’s going).

My one case today was a dog who had been in a dog fight. The people owned over 30 dogs, because they run a “rescue.” The dog was attacked by at least 7 of their other dogs when she was out in the yard. She had huge lacerations over her left abdomen and thorax and we were very concerned that the abdominal punctures actually went into the abdominal cavity. After various radiographic views we determined that they most likely didn’t communicate with the peritoneal cavity, but it was very close. We sutured the lacerations that could be sutured and bandaged the rest, and she’s going on pain meds and antibiotics overnight so she can be transferred to the rDVM in the morning.

When I got back to ER from soft tissue surgery I was told that a dog had come in who had been brought by the police department. An elderly person had died alone in their house, and after over a week the dog had eaten part of him or her. The cops wanted some kind of samples from the dog, so they had brought him in. That’s how we wound up with this written on our board:


So, speaking of eating, how’s my eating going? Not terribly. I still think I’m overshooting my calories, but I have been eating much cleaner the past few days.

Breakfast: Odwalla Berries GoMega bar

Snack: Baby carrots with hummus

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli

Snack: Oatmeal banana dark chocolate chip cookies

Dinner: Avocado with reduced fat parmesan, Tabasco and lime juice, baby carrots with hummus, ½ Healthy Choice frozen greek yogurt

That’s about it for today. Still need to get my running back on track, the last few days I’ve been exhausted when I’ve finally gotten home. Hopefully my next rotation will be a little more chill.


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