The wrong way to collect a stallion

Today was my first day on the equine theriogenology rotation. As happy as I am to be back on an equine rotation, I am kind of sad that it has to be therio. And honestly, the reason why I am so apprehensive is completely due to the fact that I am afraid of collecting stallions.

I’ve worked with a lot of horses over the years, yet in all of my equine experience I have very little experience with reproduction, stallions and foals. Fortunately, foals are relatively easy to work with. I love foals. Stallions on the other hand can be quite difficult, if not downright dangerous to work with, even to professional handlers.

Today we had orientation, and then went out and palpated mares for a few hours. Even though we each only palpated a couple of mares, it was the first time I have felt like I was actually able to identify structures confidently. We had one-on-one learning time, and it was a very systematic approach to identification of the cervix, uterus and ovaries by palpation. Maybe there’s hope for me yet.

This afternoon we went back to the therio barn and collected four stallions. I attempted to collect one, even though I was extremely nervous about it. I’m not going to lie, it went pretty poorly. I didn’t jump in fast enough and the stallion wound up almost falling off the phantom mare. Oops. He also wound up with the artificial vagina stuck on his man-parts (hey! I got it on there at least!) and everyone kind of freaked out for a minute while he slung it around. It probably would have been kind of funny if I wasn’t the one who had caused all of the drama. Hopefully the clinicians realize that I am hopeless at this and hold my hand through it. Remedial stallion collecting 101, here I come!

On the eating/exercising front, I ran three miles when I got home today. I’ve been gradually increasing my speed on the treadmill since I know that I run embarrassingly slowly on it. It’s not even that I’m slow in general when I run, I’m just a wuss when it comes to running at normal speeds on the treadmill. Mine is really old and it shakes when you run quickly so I tend to stick to around 5mph. Today I ran the first mile on 5.5 and the last two miles I bumped up in increments of tenths of a mile to 6.0. I also played with increasing the incline to make it tougher.

My meals today looked like this:

Breakfast – Breakfast Cookie Dough Cereal

Snack – Venti skinny peppermint latte

Lunch – Healthy Choice baked fettuccine alfredo

Snack – Small bag of pretzels

Dinner – Broccoli with reduced fat parmesan and fat free feta, breakfast cookie dough cereal with dark chocolate chips for dessert :)

That’s about it! Have to go read 4 chapters in my repro book for tomorrow.


One thought on “The wrong way to collect a stallion

  1. I work at a teaching veterinary hospital too!! It’s always interesting to hear different perspectives about working at a vet hospital- I’m looking forward to hearing about your last rotations.

    Good luck!!

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