The Baby Maker

Day 2 on Equine Therio! I feel like my palpation skills are already a hundred times better than they were before starting this rotation. This morning one of my classmates and I went out and palpated about 16-17 horses each. I was able to confidently identify the cervix and uterus in every single one, and I was able to identify the ovaries in all but maybe 2 or 3. Thank goodness my right hand finally figured out something about equine anatomy!

I also had the opportunity to breed three mares with cooled semen from the stallions we collected yesterday. It was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be and I was pretty excited and hopeful that we made some baby horses today! As much as I dislike repro, I’m feeling more confident that I could handle a little of it when I’m out in practice.

This afternoon we came back to the hospital and collected our stallions again. Since they were both client-owned stallions I didn’t have to attempt to collect them, which was probably a good thing. The handlers here are really experienced and good with stallions who don’t know what they’re doing in the breeding shed. These two have an unknown breeding history, so it was a little interesting to say the least. The stallion that I’m in charge of has obviously been reprimanded for “acting like a man” in most situations, so he is extremely nervous about the whole thing. The past two days he has charged the mare once he realized he’s actually allowed to breed her. It’s kind of funny (and a little sad). He’s like a little dog who charges up, speed humps the mare and then runs away.

Oh the things we experience as vet students… I hope people reading this who are not familiar with the equine breeding industry are not confused/disgusted/disturbed/etc by my discussion of what went on at school today. It’s really no different than the OB/GYN, it’s just a topic that most people aren’t familiar with or comfortable discussing. I specifically made this blog and am keeping it anonymous so that I CAN discuss these topics without any worries. So hopefully if anyone out there is reading these posts they can either relate to them or are open to hearing about my experiences.

When I got home this afternoon I felt guilty because it was before 5:00pm and I definitely had enough time to go for a run or go riding. I’m just so exhausted. I fell asleep in the truck on the way back from palpating mares this morning, and I almost feel asleep driving home this afternoon. Today makes the 16th day straight that I’ve been on clinics without a break, and my body is really hating me for it. I’m hoping I’ll get at least one day off this weekend to sleep in and try to recover. I’m going to try to go to bed early tonight if I can manage it.

Meals for the day:

Breakfast: Cookie Dough Cereal

Snack: Venti latte

Lunch: Schlotzky’s tomato basil soup and garden salad

Snack: Berries GoMega Odwalla bar

Dinner: Baked avocado with reduced fat parmesan, tabasco and lime juice, carrots with hummus

Snack: 1 tbsp cashew butter

Time to settle in with my coffee, TV and equine repro reading material for the evening.


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