Well, I’m not going to be a surgeon

Yesterday was a pretty rough day all around. It began with mare BSEs, which went fine. Then we came back and collected all the stallions which took forever. We also had a set of testicles that was shipped in from a stallion that had been euthanized for us to recover what sperm we could. My classmate and I got started on dissecting out the tail of the epididymis to flush for sperm. This is a super tedious process because the tubules are teeny tiny and you have to get then all straightened out in order to flush them for sperm.

I was in a little bit of a pickle with my epididymis because I didn’t quite know where to begin with the stripping off of the parietal tunic. My classmate has aspirations of being a future equine surgeon, so she was very confidently cutting into her epididymis. I didn’t mind being slower, I admittedly have much less practice at surgery and dissecting. The resident came back in the room and was so impressed with my classmate’s work. She was not at all impressed with how far I had progressed, and she started instructing me to do things the way she would have (as in, not necessarily the correct way, just not the way I was doing it). She kept talking about being patient, and then she wasn’t patient with me. I followed her instructions and lo and behold I managed to poke a hole in the vas deferens. Out came a bunch of little sperms and of course it was all my fault, even though I was just following her directions.

At this point the resident jumped in and took over the whole thing. I’m not going to lie, I gave her some attitude about it since she has plenty of experience at doing epididymal freezes and this was supposed to be my opportunity to learn. In addition to all of this drama, she and the other resident were busy cooing over my classmate’s epididymal dissection, saying things about how she’s so good and should definitely be a surgeon. It’s fine for them to compliment her, she did do a good job, but the implication was that I was not doing a very good job. I finally got fed up with it and asked the resident if she just wanted to do it herself (since she pretty much was already). She feigned ignorance at my irritation with the whole situation, but I was finished with her at that point. I just cleaned up and walked away.

When I finally got home yesterday afternoon, my boyfriend and I went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner and drinks with friends. It was much needed after my day! We stuffed ourselves silly on chips and dip and I had three spicy martinis (can you say cheat meal?). Two of my best school friends came too and we had a great time.

I do have to give my boyfriend a shout out at this point though. I went out to dinner in a terrible mood, and even though I had a really good time I had a lot of things weighing on my mind. It is never a good idea for me to get tipsy when I’m in a questionable frame of mind. I wound up getting pretty upset with him in the car on the way home, which was totally undeserved on his part. I then insisted that we go to the grocery store to get bananas to make more healthy cookies. He went ahead and took me to the grocery, even though he could have easily said no and driven my drunk ass home. I held onto my anger with him until we left the grocery store, at which point he took me across the parking lot to get frozen yogurt to cheer me up. This was totally unplanned, kind of out of character for him, and when I realized (finally) that he was doing everything he could to make me happy I felt terrible. I’ve been trying all day today to make it up to him. So anyway, shout out to the best boyfriend ever who puts up with me when he has every right to leave my retarded self :)

Today I had to go into school even though it’s Saturday. We met at about 6:30am to head out to palpate mares. I had a pretty good headache when we first headed out (thank you, martinis) but it worked itself out by mid-morning. Palpating mares went fairly well, and I bred another two mares. After heading back to the hospital we finished up some paperwork and I was finally able to head home around 2pm to spend some quality happy time with my boyfriend :)

Excited to have tomorrow off, it’ll be my first break in over 20 days!


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