Sunday morning

Back on track after my rant :)

This morning I woke up around 8am and headed up to school for morning TPRs. I checked in on my mare and soon-to-be-gelding patients that are in the hospital currently. After the quick check in, I ran to Target (love!) and bought trash bags, which we were desperately in need of. I also wound up buying shampoo and conditioner and some make up, so I spent way more than I intended. I really have got to watch my spending, I am horribly in debt right now and need to get it under control. It doesn’t help that I just spent over $800 on state board licenses and have another $700 that I will be paying for my DEA license in the next couple of months.

When I got home I moved my trailer back into the yard so that I can continue feeding my young horse out of the trailer. She has a trailer loading problem and I have been parking the truck and trailer out in the yard so that she has to eat out of it if she wants her supper. So far she is loading herself fine but we haven’t graduated to me loading her yet. She’s a stubborn little monkey.

Zoe XC

After unloading some feed that has been sitting in the back of my car, I lunged Zoe for about 30 minutes, which is the most I’ve been able to do with her for the last two weeks. She is always silly on the first day back in work, so I usually just plan on lunging her and letting her work out her silliness without me getting frustrated by riding her. Hopefully I will have time to get on her tomorrow afternoon. I just found out there is a potential hunter/jumper schooling show this weekend so maybe we will be able to go if my schedule allows.

When I got in from the barn this morning, my boyfriend and I worked on cleaning the house some. We bagged up some stuff for Goodwill and documented it for taxes. He packed up to head back to his city and I have been taking a break on chores since he left. I always get pretty depressed when he leaves and it takes me a little while to get myself back on track. I still have a lot of work to do unfortunately, and I need to get my exercising done for the day, so I guess I had better get to it.


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