Watch out, I’ll pinch you

Today was super busy in the Therio barn! We began the morning with mare palpations and stallion collections. We also had a mare come in for twin reduction. She is currently carrying 15 day old twin embryos and needed one to be “pinched” to ensure that only one will make it to term. Horses don’t carry twins well, and typically one or both twins will die if left to their own devices. We go in and pinch one twin on rectal palpation with the help of an ultrasound to try and ensure the survival of the other twin. This mare had already been seen by another DVM who had quite a bit of difficulty pinching one twin. She was brought to us and we managed to get it done. In horses it’s pretty much a necessary evil. Can you imagine if we did this in people? The pro-lifers would go nuts.

After lunch we had three mares to do transvaginal aspirates on for oocyte collection. Here’s a photo from this afternoon’s shenanigans:


It took about 3 hours but we got all of the mares done and and all of the oocytes recovered. These oocytes will be fertilized in vitro and then the embryos will be placed in recipient mares to carry them to term. There were varying reasons for the three mares to have this procedure done. One of the mares was elderly and incapable of carrying a foal. Another has some lameness issues and would have trouble carrying a foal, but also her owner would like more than one foal from her in a season. The third is currently in work as a cutting horse, and her owner would also like multiple foals from her this year. It’s kind of like surrogates in people medicine :)

On the fitness front, my eats for today have not been the most stellar…

Breakfast: Odwalla Berries GoMega bar

Snack: Venti skinny peppermint latte

Lunch: Smart One fettuccine alfredo with broccoli

Snack: Pretzels

Dinner: Baked avocado, turkey bacon

Snack: Oatmeal “cookie dough”

Too much processed food, too little fruits and veggies. I’m a work in progress.

With that in mind, how would you change your current diet for the better?


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