Grocery shoppers anonymous

The other night I came home and my boyfriend was working on my computer. No big deal, we borrow each other’s computers when one is handier than the other. He then told me that he had installed the app on my computer. Again, shouldn’t be a big deal since I have the Mint app on my phone. However, when I got my computer back later that evening I realized that not only had he installed Mint on my computer, he had also logged me in and set up my account. Meaning he saw my disaster of a credit card balance.

It’s not that I’ve been keeping my debt a secret, it’s just that I haven’t exactly been up front about how much credit card debt I’ve accumulated. We didn’t talk about it that night because he was already heading home by the time I noticed. It didn’t come up until this afternoon, when I mentioned that I wanted to go to the grocery store but didn’t think I could afford it.

I should also take a moment to mention that I am kind of addicted to grocery shopping. I tend to buy a bunch of groceries and then eat my way through about half of them in a week. At that point I have weird combinations of food left, so I wind up going back to the grocery store to fill in the gaps in my pantry. I also might go at some point during the week, intending to pick up one item that I am out of and then buying a bunch of extra stuff. I need to get better about stretching myself to eat kind of random foods so that I can wait longer before going to the grocery store (and hopefully spend less money).

Anyway, back to this afternoon. I mentioned not having enough money to go to the grocery store, and my boyfriend said “Oh yeah, I saw how much debt you’re in.” And the whole issue came tumbling out. He was surprisingly really good about it, and said he would help me with my plan for paying it off. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t angry at me for keeping it from him for so long. It’s nice to have it out in the open.

The rest of today was pretty ordinary. I had mare palpations this morning which I kind of sucked at. I blame my exhausted right arm from all of the palpating yesterday. My entire forearm and elbow are bruised from being squeezed to death by these mares. Here’s a picture for proof:


My arm looks super weird in this picture… but you can definitely see the row of bruises. They go all the way around and up past my elbow.

After mare palpations we had an early lunch break, and then met back up at noon to get ready for some TVAs this afternoon. We had four mares come in for TVAs, although one of them has some issues and is going to require surgery before we do anything else. Working the four mares took all afternoon and we didn’t get finished up until after 5pm. I headed home and that’s when I had the talk with my boyfriend about finances. Days like today remind me of how much I really love him :)

That’s pretty much all that happened in my world today.

Have you ever kept a secret from your significant other? Did you come clean?


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