Graduation Announcements

The big news today is that my graduation announcements came in! I used Pear Tree Greetings to order postcards with my 4th year picture and “Class of 2013” on the front. The back has our graduation ceremony information. They came out super cute! Here’s a picture of the front:

Graduation Announcement

Otherwise today was a mostly normal day for equine therio. We got to school around 6:30am to meet up and head out for mare palpations. I was feeling marginally okay, having somewhat recovered from Thursday night.

We had about 20 mares to palpate with a few pregnancy checks thrown in. It was so cold that I was hurrying to get my arms into mares just to warm up. That’s how we roll on equine Therio. We rocked through our twenty mares and then headed off for our last visit to Whataburger of this rotation. After we got back to school we had two uterine lavages to do. One mare has a corkscrew cervix from some previous trauma, and has a longstanding uterine infection due to an inability of her uterus to clear the infection. This was the third or fourth day that we were going to flush her uterus. Here’s a picture of what we flushed out the first day:


The far left is the first stuff we flushed out, and the far right is basically straight Betadine solution. It was some stinky stuff, let me tell you.

After that mare, we had a second mare to lavage. This one has a retained placenta from foaling on Thursday. She was relatively cleaner, considering her uterus hasn’t had much time to grow nasty bugs. We’re just trying to encourage her uterus to let go of the placenta so it can be removed and she won’t become systemically ill.

When I got home this afternoon I made an early dinner (leftover Nutrisystem meal) and did my Jillian Michaels workout video. My plan for the videos at the moment is to do Level 1 for 10 days, then level 2 for 10 days, level 3 for 10 days and start the next video. I won’t do the days consecutively because I need to work in running and days off, but that’s pretty much the plan for the time being. I ordered two more videos to work through over the next couple of months.

That’s about it for today. I’m going to work on my state boards applications tonight and try to make up a meal plan for the week. Still trying to stick to my budget!


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