No wine for me

Sorry I’ve been absent the last day or so…

On Thursday night I went out for drinks with some friends. We went to a wine bar downtown and each had a number of glasses of wine. For whatever reason after my third glass of wine I blacked out and don’t remember a thing that happened after that. I woke up Friday morning at my friend’s apartment, thankfully she and my other friend took care of me while we were out. I was horribly sick and had to email in that I wasn’t going to make it to school. I wound up going home and sleeping until around 4pm. After I woke up I lay on the couch for the rest of the evening trying to keep my stomach under control.

I don’t really understand what happened that night. I usually have a pretty decent tolerance for alcohol and three glasses would normally get me buzzed, but not drunk. Definitely not black out drunk. It’s kind of terrifying honestly. So for now I’m abstaining from alcohol for the indefinite future. I’ve thought about doing it before for weight loss reasons but I think the fear of blacking out is going to make it more important that I stick to it this time.

That’s all for now, we’re off to palpate mares this morning and then I’ll be back later.


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