“Hello doggy, I’m going to castrate you!”

Second day of small animal general surgery!

Today we met at school at about 6:30am to head out to the animal shelter. The twelve of us piled into a school van and headed off on our two hour journey. Upon our arrival at the shelter we divvied up our patients for the day and got started. We had nine spays and three neuters scheduled for the day. I was scheduled for one spay and one neuter, but I was assigned to run anesthesia for another student first.

Our first patient today was a medium sized pit bull mix who was getting spayed. My classmate prepped her for surgery and I placed the catheter, intubated and started the gas anesthetic. Running anesthesia at the shelter was definitely a lot more low-key than at school. For one, we had tech students who were assisting us so we didn’t have to take care of everything ourselves. Also, all I had to do was keep track of heart rate, respiratory rate, SpO2, fluids, and O2 rate. It definitely made it much less stressful, and I actually had time to watch a little bit of the surgery.

After our first spay, which went super smoothly, I ran anesthesia for my classmate’s second spay. This was a smaller dog, some type of terrier, who we later found out was pregnant. Her surgery and anesthesia went smoothly up until my classmate got ready to close the skin. I had cut her inhalant anesthetic down to 1% and was getting ready to turn the anesthetic gas off completely so she could slowly start to recover (since we were almost done with closing the skin). The dog got light under the anesthetic super quickly compared to the last dog and started twitching when my classmate was trying to close. Let me be clear, she wasn’t awake, she just wasn’t deep enough to have lost all motor functions and reflexes. I quickly bagged her back down, although it got a little hairy for a few minutes because she was fighting to control her own airway. We got her all closed up and sent her into recovery without any more issues.

As we were getting ready to go find my first patient of the day, our clinician came and found me to let me know that my spay had been bumped due to some nasty skin problems that she was having. She apparently had some kind of chemical burns over the majority of her body and was not going to be a good surgical candidate today. I was really disappointed because two of my classmates got two spays today, so I easily could have taken one of their spays had we known sooner. This meant that all I had to do this afternoon was my neuter.

I went off in search of my dog to be neutered. When I went into the surgery prep room the surgery techs started laughing at me because I walked up to my dog while they were getting him ready and the first thing I said was, “Hello doggy, I’m going to castrate you!” Then I went into the scrub room and began washing up for my surgery. I happened to notice these signs in the room while I was scrubbing and thought they were funny enough to come back and take a picture of them later:

Wittle Baby Masks


I finished scrubbing and then headed into the surgery suite. I gowned up and cruised over to my dog, Sonic, who was an adult, intact male fluffball. He was medium dog sized, black and brown and super fuzzy. I made sure both of the testicles were properly descended into the scrotum (they DEFINITELY were, haha) and then draped him in. I hadn’t ever neutered anything before, so I had our clinician walk me through the procedure. It was pretty simple and only took about ten minutes total. One at a time each testicle was pushed cranially through a small incision on midline, just so the testicle was exposed. The testicles and associated vessels were stripped, spermatic cords were each ligated twice and then severed. Using an intradermal suture pattern and 3-0 monocryl the skin was closed and the surgery was finished. I think my incision wound up being about 1.5-2cm long and the apposition was pretty good, so I was fairly pleased with it. It’s been a long time since I’ve done surgery on anything and I’ll admit it made me a little nervous.

We packed up and headed back to school, another two hour drive in our sardine-can of a van with the twelve of us squished in tight. We passed the time watching Jenna Marbles videos on YouTube. This one is my newest favorite :)

So good. And my boyfriend and I definitely do all of the things she talks about.

On the schedule for tomorrow is a dog with multiple masses for me to remove. I’m nervous because it’s one of the tech’s dogs but it’s nice that she’s trusting me to do a good job for her.  Hopefully I can live up to her expectations.

Oh! I almost forgot that I wanted to mention my new dress! I am attending a wedding the first weekend in April and I have been scouring the internet looking for a dress to wear to the wedding. I finally found one I like and I ordered it the other night, but I had to order a small instead of a medium because they were sold out. I’m usually in between those two sizes depending on the fit, and I’m nervous that it’s not going to fit me (or look good). I don’t really have enough money to find a different dress to wear if this one doesn’t work, and I also want to look good in it for the wedding. Here are pics of the dress from the website:




I hope I can look half as good as the model does in the dress! This definitely means that I am being careful about what I eat until April. What do you guys think? Do you like the dress? And I have to find some shoes to wear with it…


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