The adventure begins!

We flew to Lexington this morning! I am so excited to finally be off on our adventure to look for a house and a job for my boyfriend. We’re also going to check out a couple of stables and gyms while we’re here.

We had a 6am flight this morning with a transfer in Chicago. In order to make it to the airport on time we had to wake up at 3:45am. We slept most of the way through our flights and finally arrived a little before noon into Louisville.

When we got in the first thing on the agenda was to find our rental car. I have to give a shout out to here because they literally made this whole trip possible. I got “free” plane tickets from my mom (they have tons of frequent flier miles) and then used Hotwire to book our rental car and hotel. I was expecting it to be exorbitantly expensive, but the whole trip, a four day weekend, only cost about $200 for flights, hotel and rental car for two people. I was amazed. I literally booked the cheapest economy car available ($10 a day) and the second cheapest hotel ($38 a night, because we have SOME standards, haha), so needless to say I wasn’t expecting much. We arrived at Alamo rentals at the airport, signed our papers and arranged our insurance, and headed out to th lot to track down our car. This is what we found:


It’s the Blueberry! (Psych reference).

My boyfriend almost doesn’t fit in the car, and he’s kind of embarrassed to be seen driving around in it. Good thing I’m the only one technically allowed to drive a rental, since he’s under 25 :)

After we picked up the car it was time for the 2 hour drive to Lexington from Louisville. We arrived at our hotel at about 2pm, but our room wasn’t ready. We booked a room in the Super 8 in Georgetown, which is definitely not a fancy hotel, but I’ve stayed in much worse.

We drove back into Lexington to find some food, and wound up hitting my favorite pizza place from my last trip a little earlier than I’d expected. I’d planned on taking my boyfriend there one night while we were in town, and it was pretty much as good a time as any.


Pazzo’s has delicious pizza and 47 beers on tap. I think we ate there 4 times during the month that I was in Kentucky last fall. I definitely recommend it if you’re going to be in town and like the pizza/pub/sports bar atmosphere. I got the light white pizza, which has feta, roasted tomatoes, onions, garlic and olive oil. My boyfriend had the Pazzo’s special, which has tons of meat and veggies stacked on it. I tried his and he tried mine, and while I think we each preferred our own pizza, I have to say his was pretty delicious as well. He also had a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel ale, which was my favorite beer last time we were here. He liked it but was a little disappointed that Shiner isn’t an option up here.

After lunch we made a quick stop at a FedEx store to print some nice copies of his resume to hand out at his interviews. Then we headed back to our hotel where we could finally check in and take a quick nap. The hotel room was fairly nice, although it did smell kind of smoky unfortunately. At 5:30 we headed out to go see a house for rent, and while it looked really nice from the outside we weren’t able to go in because we were stood up by the realtor. I sent him an email (because he hadn’t given me his phone number) and asked what was going on. He said that the house had already been rented that day and he apparently just hadn’t been in touch to say he wasn’t coming.

We touched bases with the rest of our realtors to make sure our other appointments were still good, and headed back to the hotel. We ate our leftover pizza, watched some food channel and called it an early night.


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