Interviews, Day 2

It’s our second (and last!) full day in Kentucky.

We started the day again with the free breakfast from the Super 8. I had the make-your-own waffles :)

After breakfast we set out in the Blueberry for a couple of stables that we were scheduled to take a look at. The first farm is owned by a veterinarian from one of the hospitals that I externed at and applied to for an internship. While I wasn’t offered an internship there, I was still really interested in checking into boarding the horses at his farm.

When we arrived we had to wander around for a little bit to find the person we were supposed to meet with. She pointed out the pastures that the kids would be living in, and showed us the rings and riding paths. The whole property has a grassy perimeter where horses can be taken to hack. I was really excited by the prospect of being back at an eventing barn where I can take lessons and really have the ability to get the horses fit and competing again.

The second barn was actually right next door to the first and handles most of the overflow when the other barn is full. The lady we met with was extremely nice and chatty. Even though the place was not quite as nice as the other one, I would completely trust her with the care of our horses. If the first ban happens to be full, we will definitely consider this option.

After seeing the two stables it was on to the first interview of the morning. My boyfriend headed in, and I stayed out in the car in the parking lot, updating the blog since he thought it would b a really quick visit. I wound up sitting outside for an entire hour because thy had so much to talk about! I’m encouraged that they got along so well, and hope he likes this clinic. We drove over to the hospital itself after his initial meeting with the owner (at an office building), and we were both invited in to see the practice. I was a little embarrassed to come in because I wasn’t really dressed to meet people, I’m just in a long sleeved tee and jeans. I did have a nice jacket and scarf on, so hopefully that helped. We were shown around and met the crew, and then I bowed out before it got awkward and left him to the rest of his interview.

I went to Barnes and Noble around the corner from the clinic and sat and updated the blog, then caught up on some of the blogs I usually read. I was surprised to see my boyfriend pop his head around the corner about an hour later, he was supposed to call me to pick him up! I guess he just decided to walk over. He said he liked the clinic, their surgery load impressed him, but he’s not sure if he wants that clinic’s name on his resume. They’re a big chain of clinics, and can have a negative connotation to some people. They do pay very well, however, which would be a huge help to us next year on my intern salary. He also told me that he thinks he may have gotten the job because the second vet he met with told him the first one had texted her that he was awesome :)


(The Blueberry at Barnes and Noble.)

We were heading out to have lunch when our realtor called us and said she was done with her day’s appointments a bit early. We had scheduled to meet her at 3pm, which meant I was going to meet her by myself and the boyfriend was going to be in his second interview. We jumped at the chance to meet her early and ran across the street (luckily it was close) to the house we hadn’t been able to get into yesterday. Here’s a picture to remind you:


This house is almost perfect. It’s within our budget, has a decent sized fenced backyard, and is within 20 minutes of my job. Unfortunately the majority of the house is carpet, but we can work with that. The plan is to turn in our application on Monday when the realty office opens.

After seeing the house we scrambled to get lunch before the boyfriend’s final interview. We wound up just swinging by a Taco Bell where I got a salad, since we were in a hurry. When we arrived at the clinic, no one was there to meet us. My boyfriend walked up and knocked on the door, and a worker answered. They said that the head veterinarian wasn’t in today, so they gave him a call to see what was going on. He had accidentally written the appointment down for tomorrow, so he hurriedly rescheduled with us for this afternoon at 5pm.

I am so exhausted sitting in bed writing this, I will have to finish up tomorrow. To be continued!


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