The Blueberry goes ghost hunting

Okay, back to the adventure!

We had just been turned away by the last clinic, because the veterinarian there had written down the wrong day for the interview. He scheduled us for 5pm, but that gave us three hours to kill until then. We didn’t have a plan in mind, so we just started driving towards downtown Lexington. My boyfriend was snoozing in the car about the time that we got to the Lexington Cemetery, and I thought it would be a fun surprise for him if we went to visit.

My boyfriend loves cemeteries and ghosts and all that supernatural sci-fi stuff. (Not in a weird way, just in a nerdy way.) Besides, the Lexington Cemetery is a historic landmark, so we were there in a legitimate, tourist capacity ;)



We walked through the majority of the cemetery, looking at names and dates, trying to see when the oldest headstones were from. I think the earliest we saw was from the 1860s, but we later learned that the cemetery was founded in 1849. We stopped and looked at this amazingly old tree behind Henry Clay’s tomb:



And we also might have found some of my boyfriend’s family! Part of his family came from Kentucky (there is actually a town named after them) around the time of the Civil War. It would make sense that he might have relatives buried in Lexington.




We’ll see if we can’t look up who they were once we’re back.

While we were walking through the cemetery, it sparked the discussion between us about whether we want to be cremated or buried. I’m sorry for this kind of morbid discussion, but it gets better, I promise :)

My boyfriend is all for cremation and scattering his ashes, because he thinks cemeteries are a waste of space. I don’t know how I feel about burial vs. cremation, but I think it’s kind of nice that you can walk through a cemetery and learn about the people who lived there. Otherwise, how will they be remembered?

After our tour of the Lexington Cemetery (with the Blueberry), we drove back to the last clinic. On our way we spotted signs for the Jean Farris Winery and we looked it up to see if it would be somewhere good to go for the evening. My boyfriend sneakily made reservations on his phone and sent me off with some money to American Eagle to buy a dress while he was at his interview, since I didn’t bring any fancy clothes. I dropped him at the clinic and then headed off to AE and Target.

I picked my boyfriend up at about 6:15pm, and we drove over to a Starbucks where I could change in the bathroom and get ready for dinner (we didn’t have time to go back to the hotel). We sat and drank coffee until it was time to go, and he told me about his last interview. He said he liked the clinic, it was very nice inside, and the doctors seemed very intelligent and personable. He did say that they were looking for someone to fill a long-term position, which may not be something we’re able to do. My internship is only for just over a year, and if I don’t get hired by the hospital after my internship I will have to leave Kentucky due to my non-compete agreement.

At about 7:10pm it was time to head out to the winery. We drove out into the country to the Jean Farris Winery and Bistro.


It was super fancy and I always feel guilty when I know it’s going to be a really expensive meal. I had a glass (just one! I felt guilty again for breaking my no drinking rule) of the 2009 Hellhound Red, and he had a Rose. For appetizers we shared the deviled eggs and each had the salad that was the special for the weekend. I had the truffle-crusted cod with broccoli rabe and cognac cream sauce, my boyfriend had the lobster pappardelle. For dessert we had the bourbon brûlée with flambé bourbon cherries.


It was all delicious. Our dinner wound up being ridiculously expensive (please, someone, help me with the guilt!) but I had a wonderful time and hope we’ll be able to visit again at some point.

One last photo for the evening:


Me in my thrown together outfit and the Blueberry!


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