Bye bye Blueberry

Yesterday we flew back home.

We got up early and drove to Louisville from Lexington and dropped the Blueberry off. Good bye Blueberry, we will miss you!


We touched down about 1:15pm and headed to my boyfriend’s parents’ house to pick up our dogs. When we got to their house we were starving since we hadn’t eaten lunch, so they took us out to a burger joint for a quick bite to eat. Everyone else had giant fatty burgers and milkshakes for lunch and guess what I had? A salad topped with a grilled chicken breast with no cheese and dressing on the side. And you know what? It was delicious. I didn’t feel deprived or in satisfied when I was finished.

We went back to the house after lunch and my boyfriend decided it was nap time. Apparently the dogs agreed with him.


We also had to have doggy playtime out in the yard.



The first pic is my boyfriend’s dog, the second is one of his parents’ dogs.

I finally got things rolling around 5:30pm (way later than I wanted, but I wasn’t really in control of the schedule). We made the 2 hour drive home and then settled in for the night with three episodes of the Walking Dead and some dinner.

That’s about it for yesterday, I’ll be back later because my first day of Intersemester break was today!


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