Spring Break ’13!


This morning began Intersemester D, the fourth of four weeks of normal vacation time. Three of the weeks take place during the Christmas and New Years holidays, and this last one is the week of spring break. Each of my classmates is assigned to work two of the four weeks, and the hospital basically runs with a skeleton crew for the week. I was assigned to work A and D, which meant that I was able to have Christmas off to spend with my family. This week is spring break, so I’m working my Intersemester D shift.

I was assigned Equine Field Service this week, which is fantastic since it was exactly what I wanted. I requested Equine Field Service because it is the closest and most practical assignment for what I will be doing next year. It also incidentally has a relatively light schedule, which should be nice while I’m on my “spring break.” We even left our clinician a little gift today to remind him of our vacation week :)

Wooden Block

Today was supposed to be a quick easy day and we actually wound up having quite a bit to do. The morning started with a dental, and then we headed out to the horse center for a bandage change. After we got back we had another dental that was added to our schedule by Internal Medicine. It was relatively quick and painless and we broke for lunch soon afterward. I didn’t have quite enough time to run home so I ate my lunch in the clinic. After lunch we headed to the equestrian center to look at a lame horse and recheck an eye. The lameness was fairly minor and we just placed a sweat wrap and put it on Bute until Thursday. We’ll recheck it at that point and decide if it needs to come into the hospital for further diagnostics. The eye recheck was a horse with recurrent uveitis who needed further evaluation to see if its current treatments are making progress. Our clinician decided that it’s getting a little better, so we told them to keep treating it as they are and we will continue to recheck it.

We got back to the clinic around 4pm, finished up some paperwork and headed home.

I do have some exciting news this afternoon… My boyfriend has been offered a job! One of the places he interviewed with on Saturday emailed him this morning to officially offer him a position as an associate veterinarian at their hospital! I think we’re both super relieved to know that he has an offer on the table and we won’t be living in a cardboard box next year (okay, we might not have a house yet but at least we’ll have a little money). It’s not at his first choice of clinics, but the clinic he was offered is notorious for paying very well and having excellent benefits. I think it’s a good fall-back if he can’t get the clinic he really wants. So relieved!! :D

I’m looking forward to a restful night ahead! Maybe catch up on some food prepping and new TV shows? I’ve been meaning to watch Downton Abbey since I’ve heard so many good things about it.


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