Weight Watchers and some bad news

Well, today was pretty underwhelming.

It’s my second day on Equine Field Service, which should have been exciting for me since it’s the rotation I wanted and was looking forward to. Unfortunately our clinician was sick today, and instead of allowing us to go home he said we should stay and follow Equine Lameness around all day. They had a full day planned so we were kind of in limbo all day, stuck at school but not really getting to do anything since it wasn’t our rotation.

We finished up around 3:30pm, thank goodness, because I’m on emergency duty tonight and have to be here from 5pm to midnight. I raced home, let my dog out, made sure my slow cooker hadn’t burnt my house down, snuck in a 20 minute Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout, and ran back up to school.

Last night I was feeling pretty crappy about myself and my weight, so I decided it was time to go back on Weight Watchers for real. I signed up online and started tracking my meals right then and there. It’s such a relief to have a specific plan to follow, regardless of the results. In a way it makes me feel like the decisions are out of my hands and the pressure is off, because if I follow the plan and don’t lose weight then I won’t feel guilty because I did my part.

I was planning my meals for today and I decided to make some black bean soup from a dry mix that has been sitting in my pantry forever. I dug out my Crockpot and threw a whole bunch of stuff in with the dry mix, and turned it on low to cook all night. This morning it was ready to go, so I put some in a Tupperware container to take for lunch. It came out delicious! I’ll try to post the recipe if I can remember what all I threw in there :)

This evening I was back up at school for my 5-12 shift. I ran over to the small animal hospital to make coffee and got some terrible news. Flash, from last week, came back in because her incisions were not healing well. They wound up having to take her back to surgery to work on them some more. I feel terrible about it. I know that it probably wasn’t my fault, and that the senior clinician in charge should have said something if he had any reservations about how it went, but I still feel awful about it.

That kind of put a damper on my evening. I’ve been trying not to be too down about it, but it’s really hard. I guess I’ll just keep on trucking since that’s really all I can do.


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