Angry Birds Star Wars themed underpants and other stories

Today was the third fourth day on Equine Field Service. I’m losing track of the days here.

It’s been completely crazy around here. I was on the emergency shift Tuesday night from 5pm to midnight. I went to school all day and then ran home at 3:30pm to let my dog out and squeeze in a quick Jillian Michaels workout. I headed back up to school and did evening treatments until about 11pm. We had a colic come in at 11:30, and I took the case. I placed the jugular catheter (like a boss!) and helped with the belly tap. The lactate on the belly fluid came back as 9.8, which is very high, so we recommended immediate surgery. I had the choice of scrubbing into surgery or heading home, since my shift was over. I opted to scrub in since I was curious what we would find. Unfortunately for the mare, all we found was an extremely angry purple right ventral colon and cecum. We replaced her GI tract and closed her up. It was probably the quickest colic surgery I’ve been a part of, totaling about 40 minutes, since we didn’t have to do an enterotomy or resection and anastamosis. We wrapped things up by about 3am and I raced out so I could get home and sleep a little bit.

I’ve pretty much been dragging ever since then. Here are some pics and brief stories from the last few days, because at the moment I don’t really feel up to writing a full-out post.


My pup in her Angry Birds Star Wars theme underpants that she’s wearing while she’s in heat. We’re planning on breeding her this cycle and we’re super excited to be having puppies! Also, when my boyfriend took her to see an ophthalmologist on Monday the clients in the waiting room thought that her underpants were some type of new fashion statement :D


When my boyfriend got ready to leave my house and head home (4 hours away), he packed up his cat, put his dog in the car, and literally drove off without her. I walked into the kitchen about 5 minutes later and saw the cat in the kennel, and then raced to call him to come back because he had forgotten her.


On Tuesday night when I was on emergency I found a little bat friend that was just hanging out in the clinic. We called animal control to come pick him up. PS, DO NOT EVER TOUCH BATS. In my part of the world, bats are the most common animals to carry rabies. If you find a bat on the ground, I repeat, DO NOT TOUCH IT.


One of my classmates posing with one of the foals we currently have in the hospital. His mama, Ethyl, died and now he’s an orphan :(


Happy kitties at the Horse Center today.

That’s about all I can handle for today… be back later with some more updates :)


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