Goals for the week

Okay soooo… Meal planning hasn’t been going so well the past week. I started weight watchers, and then I promptly ate all of my extra points for the week in the first 3-4 days. This means that I’ve gone slightly over my weekly allowance of points. I’m trying to be good for the rest of the week, but I’m in one of those ruts where it seems like I’m always hungry. Do you ever have that happen?

Here are my goals for this week:

Exercise every day. For me, this means going for a run, doing my Jillian Michaels video, or riding the horses. I also want to try to have my exercise clothes packed in a bag in my car at all times, so I can go for a run or go straight to the rec after school. (This means I need to look into the rec class schedule too…)

Eat only daily point allotments. I know the flex and activity points are there for a reason, but I need to prove to myself that I don’t NEED them.

Research running plans. I really am more consistent when I am working towards a specific goal. I don’t know that I will be able to choose a race what with moving and all, but I at least want to get myself back on a marathon or half marathon training plan to give my running some purpose.

Find a new craft project for the new house. We want to decorate our new house with meaningful artwork, and for the most part that means involving our pets. I’m thinking some nice large black and white photos or photo canvases of the pets? Budget is an issue so it’s going to have to be something relatively inexpensive. Here are a few ideas I’ve found (thanks Pinterest!).





What do you think, would you hang any of those pictures in your house? What are your goals for next week?


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