Pinterest project

For the past two days I’ve been working on a project for my puppy that I found on Pinterest.


It’s a car seat cover for your dog! The original post and instructions can be found here.

I’ve been wanting to do some crafts from Pinterest and I thought this would be a fun one to start with. I headed out to Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon and bought all my supplies: 2 yards of fleece, 2 yards of canvas, 3 yards of 1″ cotton webbing, 4 1″ plastic buckles, thread, and pins. I also bought this pin cushion because I thought it was really cute :)


I got started by laying out the canvas with the fleece on top. I cut the fleece so that there was a 2″ border of canvas around it, and then pinned them together.


After that I folded the canvas edge in half, and then folded a 1″ border around the fleece. I sewed the border down and tried to follow the example of how to do the corners… I’m not sure I got them exactly right. They’ll be functional though.

I laid out the cover in my car to see where to put the straps with the buckles. The sales lady at Hobby Lobby must have told me the wrong width on the fabric because it came out a little bit short, it doesn’t exactly lay on the seat nicely, it hangs a little more like a hammock. I may give this first one to my boyfriend because it’ll probably fit better in his car than it does in my SUV. I can try it in my truck as well. Anyway, I pinned the straps in the right places and then took it back inside to sew them down. I cut the straps in the middle and added the buckles, and then sewed the ends of the straps to keep the buckles from falling off.

Here’s the finished product:


And with the puppy, I think she likes it :)


The whole thing cost me about $85, but I also had to buy the pins and pincushion, which will last me a long time. I didn’t go cheap on the fabrics either, so I’m sure you could save a lot of money by buying fabrics on sale and not buying university licensed products ;)

Here’s my last splurge for the day, which I was burning while I worked.


It smells so good, reminds me of going to the beach when I was younger. I actually smelled it and the store and texted my boyfriend that he should take me to the beach after graduation. Hope we can do something fun, in any event.

That’s all for now!


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