Kitty Love



Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I’m definitely happy to finally have a full day off (and I’m not even on call!).

I walked into my bedroom after eating breakfast this morning and found my kitties showing some kitty love :)


After breakfast (a Luna bar), I did my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout and finally started level 2. It’s taken me this long to do the level 1 workout 10 times since I’ve been running and doing other things in between my JM workout days. Level 2 is definitely harder than level 1!

I headed out to the barn after my workout, and lunged the baby horse for about an hour before getting on her. She was being kind of a turkey today, crowhopping and trying to buck, so I just tried to focus on going forward hopefully with some kind of bend. Some days it’s just enough to get her to go around in circles without acting like a fool. I got my old man out after I put the baby up, and we did some stretching exercises and lateral movements since he hasn’t been ridden in a while. After his short workout I took him out front to graze for a little bit and made some phone calls about housing for next year.

I turned both horses back out in the pasture and then headed inside to cook some lunch and relax for a little while before I get working on other things this afternoon. One of my good friend’s dogs was put to sleep on Friday, so I’m planning on baking her some goodies to bring to school on Monday to help cheer her up. I still have to decide what I’m going to make… she’s very health-conscious so I was thinking about making my healthy cookies. You guys have any suggestions?

All I have is a quick update for now, be back later with some exciting news!


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