Magical feed-moving fairies

Hi friends! Today has been a little bit crazy!

I received a text message last night from an unknown phone number asking how Pier was doing after his surgery yesterday. The text also said that I needed to do his morning treatments and then asked if I needed help with them. Given the tone of the text message, I assumed it was our head technician so I didn’t question the orders. When I arrived at 7:00am this morning, I found that his treatments had already been done by the original student assigned to his case, and that I actually hadn’t been responsible for anything other than his surgery (as I had initially thought). When I searched our whiteboard to figure out who had been texting me, it turned out that it was actually just one of the other students on my rotation. While I know that she did offer to come in early to help me, I was really irritated that the wording in her text message had been so condescending and superior. I took it for granted that it was someone in charge because I didn’t think that a classmate would speak that way in a text message. My rotation was actually supposed to be allowed to sleep in this morning and come in late (at 9am), so because of the mix-up I was at school two hours early.

The good news is that I did get a look at Pier’s incision from yesterday, and it looks really good! He has a little bit of swelling, but otherwise it looks like it’s healing nicely.

So what did I do during my two hour wait this morning? I ordered my vet box!!! It was so exciting and scary!

Vet BoxThe box is from Stonewell Bodies and it will be delivered to school in a month. These boxes cost anywhere from $2000 to $3000 new, but my parents told me that it would be their graduation present to me (thanks Mom and Dad!). I ordered an SUV vet box to go in the back of my Volvo XC90 to allow me to save my truck for hauling the trailer. The majority of the vets at the hospital where I’m doing my internship use SUVs rather than trucks because not only do they get better gas mileage, they also make a handy rain shelter when you have the hatch open. With a truck you’re stuck working out in the rain and you can’t haul a gooseneck trailer like mine.

The SUV is new-to-me as well. I traded my Volvo C30 for a used XC90 back in February when I started thinking about things I was going to need for my internship starting in June.



While I love my new car, I do miss my sporty little hatchback.

My rotation was released around noon today after rounding over multiple surgery topics including pyometras, c-sections and cystotomies. We didn’t have any procedures scheduled for the day, so it was a pretty slow morning. I immediately drove straight to the closest hair salon. I was so excited to finally have time to get my hair cut! It has been getting to this awkwardly long length where I’m almost unable to do anything with it very easily other than wear it in a ponytail.

After having my hair cut to a more socially acceptable length, I ran home to grab some lunch. My puppy was so excited to see me and it was such a gorgeous day, we went outside to have an impromptu photo shoot :)

Puppy kisses

Puppy kisses!

Me and the pup


We also ran to the feed store to pick up some oats and 12% pellets for the horses. Reese was too happy to be out and about for me to leave her at home. Besides, she’s my best car buddy.

Car buddies!

One thing that I find funny when I go to the feed store is that the guys are always shocked when I get out to help them load up my truck (or SUV). I feel awkward just sitting in the car while they load it up, so I always get out to help them load the hay or feed. They ALWAYS give me funny looks or tell me I don’t have to help them. My question is, who do they think is going to unload it when I get home??? Magical feed-moving fairies? I didn’t get these shoulder muscles from sitting in my car letting boys load hay and feed for me! :p


3 thoughts on “Magical feed-moving fairies

  1. So what is a vet box and what do you use it for? Matthew has mentioned maybe having a practice truck one day, so maybe this was what he was talking about? Wow. We’re going to have to get ready for that expense I suppose. :\

    • I posted a picture of the box that I ordered on this post… It’s basically a cabinet that goes in the back of an SUV to hold all of your equipment while you’re out making farm calls. They also make boxes for trucks which run around $15,000 new.
      Honestly at this point I think you’re getting way ahead of yourself by thinking you’re needing to prepare for the expense of a box. You have over a quarter million dollars in tuition and living expenses coming your way in the next four years. Depending on where your husband ends up, he may wind up working in small animal since that’s where the majority of jobs are, in which case he won’t have a vet truck. If he does get a large animal job, most practices provide trucks for ambulatory calls. My internship happens to be one of the few that doesn’t, because they want you to be set up to strike out on your own once you’ve finished with them.

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