Her eggo will soon be preggo

Hi there!

Today was a really good day! I’m still on Small Animal General Surgery, and today I had my first spay. I spayed a dog in junior surgery last year, but that was over a year ago, and this time I was spaying a dog without any assistance (or assistants)! Here’s little bitty Annie, who was my patient for the day:


She was precious!

I was really nervous going into her surgery, not only because I wanted to do a good job, but also because we had just talked about all the things that can go wrong during a spay. Luckily for everyone involved, her surgery went really well. It feels nice to have one under my belt :)

Annie’s incision looked really good post-op. It was about 3-4cm long which is pretty good for my first real spay, and I placed intradermal sutures to close the skin so that she won’t have any sutures exposed that need to come out later.

After our surgeries were done for the day, we headed down to the basement where junior surgery practices, and also where the animal shelter animals are brought prior to their spays and neuters (which are typically done on Thursdays). We did full physical exams on all the animals, vaccinated and dewormed them, pulled blood for a PCV and total protein, and gave all the dogs baths. We have 17 animals to operate on tomorrow, so it made for a lot of bathing and we all got more than a little soaked.

In other exciting news… I haven’t been talking much about my pup and our pregnancy escapades. On Friday, Monday, and today I brought Reese into the hospital so that we could pull blood on her and run it over to the diagnostic lab. We are measuring her progesterone levels as a means of telling when we should breed her. Since the stud dog we have chosen lives about four hours away, it was important that we timed things appropriately. Reese’s progesterone on Friday was 0.2, which is very low and meant she wasn’t ready yet. By Monday it had jumped up to 1.55, and today it was all the way up to 5.9. Our breeder likes to introduce the male and female when the progesterone gets above the 3-4 range, so we are ready to go!

The plan is to have my boyfriend pick up the stud dog, TC, tomorrow morning since they live in the same city. He’ll bring TC here, and TC and Reese will hang out for the next few days. We’ll let them breed as long as she is willing, hopefully 2-3 times over the next few days. Here are some pics of the big guy:



He’s real purty, almost as pretty as my girl ;)

First Show

When I was talking to my boyfriend about the plan for the next few days, he and I kind of got into it about who should drive where and when. I was in the middle of our primary care ward while I was on the phone with him, and at one point I said kind of loudly, “If she doesn’t get pregnant it’s going to be all your fault!” I was totally kidding, but everyone in the room busted out laughing at our phone conversation. We’re nothing if not entertaining :)

That’s all the news in my world for the day! How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is on TV right now, so that will probably be my excitement for the evening!


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