Baby making 101

This weekend has been centered around baby making!


Their family photo :)

I drove the four hours to visit my boyfriend this weekend after getting off school on Friday evening. I brought both the stud dog and Reese with me. We’ve had him since Thursday, and although he is completely in love with her, she wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

We knew from the progesterones that we’ve been running that Reese likely ovulated on Wednesday. This means she should have been standing for the male by Friday. She was really snappy with him on Thursday, and we tried again at my boyfriend’s house on Friday (since it was neutral territory). Reese was still not feeling it. We took both dogs up to the clinic this morning to attempt to AI her, and then struggled to get TC collected. He wants to do his business himself and is not a fan of any attempts to collect him or assist him in breeding her.

We finally managed to get them bred around noon this morning with a good 20-minute tie. After that, both dogs got a break from each other.

My boyfriend and I headed out to the local botanical gardens for a stroll.


In the fern house :)

After going to the gardens, we decided to go downtown for dinner. My boyfriend wanted to go to a fairly nice restaurant, but I hadn’t brought any nice clothes. We ran by Target really quickly and I grabbed a nicer shirt and some sandals. I had a pretty necklace with me so I threw that over the top and called it good.

When we arrived at the restaurant on the river, we were told that the wait would be an hour and fifteen minutes. We went ahead and got on the list, and then wandered up and down the river to explore and get some exercise while we waited.

We were starving by the time our table was finally ready. My boyfriend ordered a strawberry caipirinha while I stuck to water. For an appetizer we had battered gulf oysters with chimichurri sauce on fried plantain chips. My boyfriend really liked them. I ate a couple to satisfy him, but honestly oysters totally creep me out. For dinner he ordered the house special, crab and shrimp enchiladas. I had the Southwest Caesar salad (dressing on the side) and the Black and White soup (black beans, chili peppers and white cheddar cheese).



For dessert we split the raspberry crumble. All of the food was ridiculously delicious.

When we got home this evening we put the two dogs together and got them to breed again. We’re hoping for a third good breeding tomorrow morning before I take Reese home.

Hopefully in a couple weeks we’ll know if there are some little puppies brewing!


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