Girls’ Night

Hey guys!

I posted my update on school a little while ago, but here’s the update on me!

My boyfriend left today while I was at school. I was pretty bummed out that he left without saying goodbye (I got a text message), but I know he couldn’t sit around forever waiting for me to get home. He took TC with him but left his dog, Rory, since she and the male dog don’t really get along and we were worried about them riding in the car together. That means that tonight it’s just been me and my two best girls :)


(On the way back from my boyfriend’s this weekend.)

I did two Jillian Michaels workout videos tonight, the 30 day shred on level 2, and the Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism video that I did for the first time on Sunday. I was feeling chubby tonight because of my one pound weight gain from last week, even though I know that it’s that time of month for me. I also know that my eating was not great last week, so it’s understandable that I would gain weight. I’m hoping that I can turn things around this week.

In other news… I got my dress and necklace in the mail this weekend! I wound up ordering this dress for our friends’ wedding in a week:

Costa Blanca Dress

I chose it based on your feedback, so thank you guys! It’s much more appropriate for the wedding than the other dress I bought, and it was relatively inexpensive. My biggest issues with the dress (no dress is perfect) is that it’s not quite as bright pink in real life as it is in the photos and it’s a little bit large on me. The color is not a huge issue, it was just kind of unexpected. The fit, on the other hand, is questionable. The way that the dress is cut, it kind of just hangs on me, especially because it’s probably a size too large. I would exchange it for a smaller size, but it was the last one they had on the Lulu’s website, so I’m either going to have to live with it or take it to be altered.

The other exciting thing I got in the mail this weekend was my necklace from Origami Owl!

The lockets from this company are right up my alley and I really appreciate the idea behind them. They’re called “Living Lockets” and basically you choose the locket, the plate (if you want one), the chain, dangles and charms that go inside the locket. You can pick any you like, but I tried to pick charms that were representative of me and my life. Here’s my personalized locket:

Origami Owl

I got a silver medium-sized locket with a rose gold plate that says “always.” I also got a horse, a rose for my sorority (DZ!), a “J” for my boyfriend, and maroon and white stones for my school. I also added a gray antique pearl dangle. I love it!

I think I’m going to order either another locket or different charms that I can switch out for different days. I was thinking about at least getting my boyfriend’s and my birthstones (May and December). It would be nice too because the colors are different than the pieces that I bought, so it would be a way for me to match my locket to my outfit and wear it more often.

That’s about it for tonight, I’m off to dye my hair so I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!


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