You heifer

Today was my third day on the prison rotation and I am still without a prison name! :(

This morning we met at 6:30am (per usual) and headed out to the prison. Our first stop was to write ten health certificates for some heifers that are being shipped to Oklahoma. We walked through the herd to look for sick animals and then helped fill out all of the forms.


After that we made a quick stop at one of the swine barns to pick up some tissue samples they had from an aborted litter, and then we headed to the kennels. On the schedule today was a spay, a salivary mucocele correction, a couple of dentals, and three dog breeding soundness exams. Purple Rain got started on spaying one dog with the help of Sacagawea, and I worked on Penny with the salivary mucocele. Our plan was to just remove the entire salivary gland, but because this has been a chronic issue with Penny it wasn’t as easy as we initially thought. I had a really tough time dissecting out the salivary gland due to adhesions of the gland’s capsule to the skin and lots of fibrous connective tissue that isn’t found in normal dogs. Dr. Django (remember, the D is not silent) threw on a pair of sterile gloves and helped me, but we wound up just removing as much as possible and then closing her up. Unfortunately due to all of the blunt dissection around the gland I think she’s going to have a giant seroma where her gland used to be. This isn’t really a problem, it’s just going to take a long time to get back to normal.

After I closed up Penny’s cheek, I did a quick dental on her while she was still under anesthesia. The dogs we were working on were mostly red bone hounds and bloodhounds, used for tracking and drug sniffing. They live in kennels at the prison, and most have acquired some bad habits including chewing on the kennel bars. Penny had severely stained and worn down teeth because of her chewing, so I cleaned them up as best I could and then let her recover since she had been asleep for a long time.

At the end of the day, three male bloodhounds were brought to us for semen collection and evaluation due to some breeding problems that the prison has been having. Purple Rain attempted to collect the first two male dogs, but it didn’t go extremely well. We looked at what fluid that we got under the microscope but unfortunately didn’t see any sperm. I collected the last dog, Peppy, and made sure to give it a couple of good tries so that hopefully we would have some sperm. When we took it to look at under the microscope, I realized that the condenser was set too bright and was burning through the sperm. I turned it down and voila! There the little swimmers were. This brought into question whether the first two dogs actually had sperm in the recovered fluid or not, but in any case we deferred judgement on them for another two months.

We finally headed back at about 4:30pm, and got to the school around 6pm. This is pretty late for the prison rotation, but we had a good full day of work so no one really minded.

I’m going to go watch Duck Dynasty and maybe do a workout video or go for a run.


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