Well, that never should have happened.

Happy Easter!

Today we headed up to my parents’ ranch to spend the day with the family. My boyfriend drove in last night around 1:30am and after a short night’s sleep we got up to head to the ranch around 7:30am. I drove the whole way while my boyfriend tried to catch up on some sleep.

Fish Crane

This sign is always how I know I’m almost home :)

We arrived at my parents’ house around 9:30am. My mom already had it all set up for Easter dinner.

Easter table

After a quick coffee we went out to help my parents move some of the animals around. My mom wanted to bring the baby animals up by the house so that everyone coming to visit could see them without having to ride around on four wheelers. Along the way I got to hug this little critter…

Baby mini

Baby mini


Baby mini

She’s our brand new baby miniature horse and she is super adorable.

We also brought some baby cows up to play.

Baby cow

My parents breed Longhorns and they’ve had a pretty nice crop of calves so far this year.

We had kind of an interesting mix of people show up today for dinner. My parents were both there along with my little brother. My grandparents showed up with my aunt and her new husband, but none of my cousins were there. My other aunt and uncle were there too, and they brought two of their close friends who we hadn’t met before. The new people showed up and I was kind of like, are you some part of our family that I don’t know about?

They turned out to be really nice and everything went fine, just a different family vibe than usual. We did have a hilarious story time sitting out on the porch after dinner though. My mom started talking about her cousin who has been looking into our family genealogy. Apparently my great-great-grandfather was conceived under questionable circumstances by a traveling salesman and the woman who became my great-great-great-grandmother. She ran away with the baby after she gave birth, and changed their last name to Williams (my mom’s family’s last name) so that the salesman couldn’t ever find them. We are unsure of what her last name was before that time, so apparently we really don’t know what our original heritage is. We do know that when my 3x-great-grandmother ran away with the baby Williams, she met up with some radical Pentecostals who allowed her to travel with them and their tent show for two years.

At this point someone in the family said, “Oh! We’re descended from circus performers! That totally makes sense!” And someone else added in “Religious circus performers!” Haha :)

The whole story reminded me of a family party when we randomly found out that my uncle had been married once before, briefly. Until I was about 17 or 18 years old I had no idea that my uncle was in his second marriage. I remember the entire “kid’s table” freaking out when someone made a reference to Uncle Scott’s first marriage. I brought this story up, since we were discussing shocking family history, and out of the blue my soft-spoken little grandmother pops out with, “Well, that never should have happened.” We all just about died laughing, and my uncle (who is the clown of the family and usually hilarious) turned BRIGHT red because he was so embarrassed.

Everyone started telling stories about how they didn’t like his first wife from the start and about how they hadn’t gotten along with her, and here comes Grandma again with a big sigh and “it’s such a shame.”

I don’t know how she does it, but when Grandma passes judgment like that on someone or some situation, it is SO funny.

We packed up fairly soon after our story time, and headed home. My boyfriend snuggled with me for about an hour before getting back in his car and driving another three hours back to his house. I’m waiting to hear from him that he got home safely, and then I will be going to bed to get a good night’s sleep before my second week at the prison!


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