A wedding, a race, and a rude awakening

Yesterday morning I got up super early to get to the feed store when they opened at 7:30am. I picked up oats, pellets and coastal hay, and ran it back home to unload it in the barn. I did a quick clean up before unloading, and then rocked out to some new Demi Lovato and Imagine Dragons while I unloaded the 8 bags and 14 bales.

After packing up the dogs and loading their kennels in the back of my car, we got on our way to head to my boyfriend’s parents’ house.


When I arrived, we unloaded the dogs and my boyfriend and I headed downtown to the Health and Fitness Expo. A friend of mine, you know her as Purple Rain, told me last week that there was a 10K in my boyfriend’s hometown this weekend. I signed up since we were going to be in town anyway, and my boyfriend offered to run it with me.

After picking up our packets at the Expo, we went to a couple of stores on our way home and then headed back to get ready for the wedding. It was about an hour and a half away, so we had to leave pretty early. The wedding was for one of my boyfriend’s classmates (they graduated last year), so a couple of his other classmates were there too. It was a nice fun little reunion :)

The wedding was gorgeous, at a place with beautiful gardens. The couple was married outside in the garden and the ceremony was beautiful. We had appetizers and drinks afterwards, caught up with our friends, and took pictures of the best groom’s cake I have ever seen.



We partied and danced and ate delicious food until about 11pm, and then headed back to the house. Our race started at 8 this morning so we knew we were going to be up fairly early.


This morning we woke up at about 6:30am to head out to the race. We had to park kind of far away, but we had just enough time to make it to the start before the gun went off. It wound up not mattering much since the 17,500+ other runners made for a 10 minute wait while we shuffled to the official starting line. I have been running as part of my workout schedule and had already run two 5 milers this week, so a 10K wasn’t a big deal. My boyfriend claims he hasn’t run more than two miles at a time in the past year, so he was a little worries about it. I was honestly shocked that he agreed to run with me because he tends to be a more private runner. He’s naturally thin and athletic though, and has been running on and off for years, so it wasn’t too rough on him :)

For the first 4 miles or so we ran together, and although we didn’t talk much it was nice to run together. After crossing the halfway point and seeing our time, I knew I wanted to pick up the pace a little bit. Around 4.5 miles I sped up, and pretty much sprinted the last half mile. I finished in 58:25, for an average pace of 9:24. It’s definitely one of my slower 10K times, but at least it was sub-one hour, which was my tentative goal. My boyfriend finished shortly after me in 1:01 and change. Hopefully race pics will be up soon and I will be able to post them for you guys!

After the race we headed back to my boyfriend’s parents’ house to take a nap. We were both exhausted from the short night of sleep and the race. Around noon we went out and got some lunch, and then wandered around some shops downtown until 5.

While out walking I had one of the most ridiculous and demoralizing moments of my life. We were walking on a sidewalk across a bridge, with cars going by on one side, and some college-age boy yelled out the side of his car, “you know he’s cheating on you!” Shortly after that, another car drove by yelling something at us that I didn’t understand. We decided to turn back, and as we were walking back across the bridge, a third car drove by and the passenger yelled at me and threw some jelly beans out the window that hit me going about 50mph. I have a welt on my neck and welts on my stomach from where they hit me. I have no idea why people would be so rude to someone they don’t know, who is just out for a stroll along the river. I was mortified and shocked, and my boyfriend had a hard time consoling me after it happened. We headed home shortly after that.

Now we’re back at his parents’ house catching up on the Walking Dead before I head back home. Tomorrow is my first day of anesthesia, so I will need to have a good sleep tonight so I can bring my A game tomorrow.


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