Sleeping horses

30 days till graduation!!!

It’s my second day on anesthesia, which will be my very last rotation until graduation. We take a month of anesthesia, 2 weeks on small animal and 2 weeks on large. I was assigned to large animal first, so I’ve been learning how to anesthetize horses the past two days.

Yesterday we had one MRI, so we just all tagged along while the student on the case learned the process. Today we have a couple MRIs and surgeries, so I monitored anesthesia this morning on the first MRI. I sat up on the catwalk to wait for him to wake up, and it’s pretty crazy up there:




Otherwise this rotation has been kind of slow so far. We had 5 cases today, but since we have 7 students we each only had to take one case. Mine rolled early this morning so I have been finished since about noon today, and have just been assisting the rest of the time.

In other news, one of my best school friends is leaving today for a month, which means she will be gone until graduation. We were really sad to see her go, so we went out to dinner last night to see her off. After dinner a couple of the girls convinced us to go to a bar for a little bit, so we went out and had a few drinks. Some picture taking ensued…


It was a fun night. We didn’t stay out terribly late since we all had school, and since I wasn’t intending on drinking I let the other girls finish our fish bowl :)

That leads me to my next topic, which is my diet. I have been struggling terribly with eating healthy while trying to go out and be sociable with my friends. It has gotten kind of out of hand, to be honest. Ever since my drinking scare, I’ve been really good about not having alcohol, or if I do it’s just one beer. That’s been helpful, but my eating when we’re out at restaurants and bars has been terrible.

I have to make a change, and I know it’s going to be difficult but I need to do it. Yesterday began a new week on Weight Watchers, and I am going to be sticking to my points goals, no matter what. I hope you guys will help hold me accountable and offer any advice you may have.


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