Blue Bell 10K and a baby goat!

I have lots of news, chickadees!!!

First, some school updates. Still cranking out anesthesias over here, and had some really cool cases yesterday. First we had a 2 month old baby Pygmy Nubian goat, who presented with a portosystemic shunt. This condition basically makes the goats liver work improperly (to put it simply) where it is unable to filter toxins, metabolize drugs and produce proteins as usual. It’s very rare in goats, in fact our clinicians only knew of one other documented case in a goat. It is, however, fairly common in dogs. The treatment for a PSS is usually surgery, but of course it’s never been done in a goat before as far as we know.

The equine soft tissue surgeon and his wife, a small animal soft tissue surgeon, got together and planned out how to perform the dog surgery in this baby goat. The anesthesia service was very nervous because goats don’t tolerate anesthesia extremely well, and this was going to be a dangerous surgery (any time you’re messing with blood vessels things can get a little dicey).

We had to start 5 CRIs because the goat was so tiny (14lbs!) that she only required very tiny amounts of drugs at a time. We ran her on hetastarch, fluids, dobutamine, fentanyl, and added a blood transfusion towards the end of the procedure. The good news is that she survived surgery and the extrahepatic shunt was ligated (they tried an ameroid constrictor but the shunt was too small). Unfortunately she has several intrahepatic shunts so we will have to see how she does over the next week or two. Here she is after surgery!


Aaaagh so cute! I want a baby goat!

This morning I got up at 5:30 in order to make the hour drive to the Blue Bell 10K. It was a gorgeous morning.


My goal was to PR on this race, which was only slightly unrealistic considering I haven’t been in serious running training. I started out pretty strong, running with the 9 minute milers. I forgot how hilly this course is, and the first couple of hills surprised me. I like to push hard up the hills and rest on the way down, so I killed the first couple and wound up passing a ton of people. At one point I ran for a ways beside a super fit guy who is obviously a personal trainer or something, and he kind of reminded me of Dolvett from the Biggest Loser (my brain was like, eek! Look at me go!). He passed me around mile 3, but I passed him at mile 4 and never saw him again.

I don’t time myself on runs, because honestly if I’m pushing as hard as I can the time is kind of irrelevant. I thought I was doing pretty well because I just kept pushing up those hills. The second to last turn led to an enormous hill and my goal was to just keep running. I hit the hill and dug in, passing all the walkers and 5K-ers. I will admit to getting a little frustrated by the people who walked 10 abreast so that no one can pass, and I might have made a comment to one of them to move to the side. Seriously though, does no one have any racing manners? Please leave a lane for the runners.

When I reached the top of the hill and the final turn it was literally all downhill from there. I sprinted hard for the finish line and crossed in 52:43, a new personal record! I was so excited!

Here are my final stats:
10K time: 52:43
Pace: 8:29/mile
Class position: 17/167
Overall place: 167/967
Gender place: 55/573

Not too shabby! Also 6 minutes faster than last weekend :)

I’ll try to post pictures once they’re up on the race website. I looked at the pics from the 10K last weekend and they aren’t very good (and I look chubby). If y’all really want to see I can post them.

Now I’m off to study for our state board exam, which is on Monday! I will be back with a post about taking state boards later. Have a good Saturday!


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