State boards and graduation preparations

Okay so… the State Board exam.

Even though I’m moving to a different state, I decided to go ahead and get my license in my home state since it’s likely I will want to practice here at some point. Also, if I want to be able to work on any of my parents’ animals I need to be licensed here. Unfortunately our state is one of the most difficult to get licensed in and also one of the most expensive. The two other states that I applied for just require a small fee and a couple of hoops to jump through (take home test, fingerprinting), but my state requires a huge fee, an official birth certificate, pictures, a letter from school and an actual jurisprudence exam that you have to sit for.

Friday evening I went to a review session for our state exam, and it was probably the least helpful review I have ever been to. We had a law professor come in from another university who was supposed to go over the main points of the jurisprudence exam, and who was supposed to clarify the main points to us. All she did was confuse us. I called my mom afterwards (who is also a lawyer), and asked her about some of the things the professor told us, and my mom said she was completely wrong. The review basically went like this:

Law Prof: “So, you all know the difference between a law and a statute right?”

Class: “No???”

Law Prof: “Oh… well, a law is like, a law. A statute is usually broader… except for sometimes when they’re really strict.”

Oh, okay, that clears things up. What?

She also made fun of veterinarians for having rules that allow us to NOT turn each other in for breaking the law (or statutes… or something). She said, “We lawyers turn each other in and get each other in trouble all the time!” And the class was like, yep, because lawyers are super shady.

I pretty much decided that I’m just going to study the packets we were sent and ignore everything that lady said. Hopefully it works out for me? I guess we will know tomorrow.

In other news, I have been busily planning my graduation! I called yesterday and made dinner reservations for the night of graduation at Luigi’s, a really nice Italian place that my boyfriend and I like to go to for special occasions.



patio pic 6

They have live music most nights too, which is really fun. I’m super excited. So far, I think our group will include my parents and my brother, my grandparents, my aunt and her new husband, and my boyfriend and his family. It should be really good time.

I’ve also been planning my outfit for graduation. I just ordered my dress:

Graduation dress

It’s from Gap and I think it’s pretty cute, hopefully it looks good on me. I still need to figure out what shoes and jewelry I’m going to wear with it. I’m kind of going for a preppy look, so I’m thinking nude colored shoes but probably a little less beachy than the ones in the photo. I’m also looking at wearing a necklace and a cluster of bracelets with maybe an equestrian theme? It would kind of be fitting since I’m graduating and going into an equine career. Let me know if you guys have any ideas!

That’s all for now, I’m off to study for the afternoon!


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