24 hours of crazy

Hey y’all!

I am so exhausted right now but I can’t let myself waste this beautiful day by sleeping through it! Last night at about 7:30pm I received a phone call letting me know an emergency was on its way in and I needed to come in for anesthesia. When I arrived at school there was a 2 month old foal with a humeral fracture that needed to have a CT and then potentially go to surgery.

We got him on the table pretty quickly, took him to CT and evaluated the fracture. The fracture seemed like it might be repairable, so we rolled straight from CT to surgery. The surgery and recovery took over 5 hours, and I was finally able to head home at about 4:30am.

This morning I woke up at 9:30am and quickly got myself and the pup ready to head to Vet School Open House. We work at the breeds tent every year, and we had signed up for a couple of shifts around midday. It was fun to see all the kids and talk about my pup, and she had a pretty good time sunbathing in the grass.


In other news, I bought another cute dress from one of my favorite online stores, Modern Vintage Boutique. I’ve been debating about buying this dress for a while and I finally did it.


I always love the way maxi dresses look on other people, but I’ve never found ones that I really like on myself. I finally bit the bullet and decided to order one, so hopefully it looks good! It’s probably going to go into my closet as a backup graduation dress, or as something to wear to our class party out at the lake the day before graduation.

As you know, I’ve also been looking into engagement rings, since my boyfriend and I had the talk last week. He’s been bugging me since then about whether or not I’ve figured out what I want, and he also thinks I’m all over the place as far as styles that I like (I happen to disagree). I honestly don’t really think I’ll know until I go try some on, but right now I’m thinking I want either a round or cushion-cut solitaire on a pave band (or similar). Here are a few of the rings I’ve come up with.

David Yurman



Tiffany Novo



And I also thought this wedding band was super cute, although I don’t know if I could really go with pink!

David Yurman

What do you think? Which do you like best? Could you wear a pink ring?


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