The end of an era

I’m officially finished with vet school!!!

Graduation isn’t until this Thursday, but I’m done with my anesthesia rotation until then.

The last few days on anesthesia were brutal. My last night on call was on Thursday night, and I just had this feeling that I was going to be there late. Boy was I ever right. I finished my last scheduled case around 7pm, and then had not one but TWO dogs with hind limb paralysis come in. We had to MRI both dogs and take both to surgery. I didn’t end up getting to head home until nearly 2am.

I felt terrible too, because my boyfriend had paid me a surprise visit earlier in the week and left his dog with me. Both dogs had been in their kennels for over 16 hours and were dying to go outside by the time I finally got home. Good thing they’re both really well behaved girls :)

I headed back to school at about 7am Friday morning, and we had another really long day before we finally left around 7pm. It was definitely intense right up until the very end! Thankfully I’m not on call this weekend, so I have some free time before next week’s shenanigans begin.

Yesterday I got up relatively early and went for a 3 mile run. Then I took both pups out to to park and we had a 4 mile hike. They were still full of energy so we headed to the dog park where they pretty well wore themselves out.


In the afternoon, while the girls were crashed out, I went shopping for items for our backpacking trip next week. I bought a nice pair of hiking pants, some Keen hiking boots that I got on sale, and a couple pairs of Smartwool socks. I also went to the grocery store to pick up some of the food we’re going to carry with us. I bought Odwalla bars, fig bars, nuts and dried fruit for trail mix, electrolyte tablets for our water, and dried pasta and rice packets.

Today I woke up pretty late and headed back to the park with the girls.


(New sunglasses for the trip!)

I definitely have to step up my activity and healthy eating for Operation: Get Skinny for the Internship!

Countdown to graduation is T-4 days! Everyone get excited!


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