Another adventure!

Yesterday we embarked on another adventure!

We woke up at 5am yesterday morning to load up the horses and head to Lexington to drop them off at their new home!

Here are some quick pics from the trip (via my boyfriend, who drove behind the trailer the whole way):




We stayed at a “horse hotel” overnight, basically a farm with a few extra stalls that they rent out to travelers needing a place to put their horses while they stop overnight. The place we stayed was called the Cave Country Inn, in Munfordville, KY. It also has a B&B, but since we’re poor we decided to sleep in the gooseneck portion of my horse trailer.




The horses stayed in the barn overnight. We pulled in about 11:15pm and got to bed by about midnight.

This morning our alarms were set for 5am. We loaded up the ponies and drove the final two hours into Lexington. Holy crap some of the roads are scary with a large horse trailer! All of the roads to the horse farms are narrow and tree-lined or flanked by long stone walls. It kind of reminds me of the roads in Europe.

After a couple of close calls passing cars and a few large trucks, we finally made it to the farm where my horses will stay for the next year and a half. We decided at the last minute to keep them in stalls until I move up in June, rather than pasture boarding, so that they can be watched a little closer by the barn workers. I think they’re pretty happy with the new digs :)



Our other goal while we were in Lexington was to keep looking for a house. Unfortunately up until this point all of the housing options so far have fallen through for one reason or another. Since we’re getting down to the wire here (moving day is June 1st), we were pretty anxious to look at some houses while we were in town.

We saw four houses this morning, and while none were perfect, we found one that was pretty close.









It’s in the neighborhood that we really liked, with tons of nice green areas and places to go running. The house has hardwood floors downstairs, which is a plus, and has a nice fenced backyard. The biggest negative is that the rent is $1345 per month, which is a good bit more than we wanted to pay.

We decided to go ahead and put in an application, and we’re just waiting to see if we got it. Fingers crossed!

Then comes the exciting part of our adventure. We pulled out of Lexington at about 1:30pm this afternoon to begin our 34 hour, 2300 mile drive to Yosemite National Park in California.


My boyfriend, who is completely crazy, decided that we should go backpacking in Yosemite for our vacation before moving to Kentucky. He forgot to check how far it was, from Lexington to Yosemite, and also forgot to tell me that we have to be there by 10am on Monday morning or we lose our permit for the park. Hence the marathon drive across the country.

Right now we’re driving through Illinois, having already made it out of Kentucky and through Indiana. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more updates on how our drive is going, but for now it’s looking like we have a long night of driving ahead.


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