Graduation recap, part I

We’re off on another adventure!

I will post an update about what we are doing right now, but first, a recap of graduation on Thursday. I called this part I because I don’t have all the pictures yet and I will post more when I get them.

My entire family arrived shortly before 1pm on Thursday, and we raced off in order to make it to graduation just in time.


The auditorium was totally packed. We headed backstage and processed in, and then waited while all the speakers spoke their piece. Finally it was time for us to head back on stage to get our diplomas and hoods. Two of my very favorite professors were there to see us off.




It was crazy and poignant and funny at moments, but all of a sudden the last four years of my life came to a close. I couldn’t have done it without these girls:


(We were all in various stages of undress after the ceremony since our robes had to be turned back in!)

It was a wonderful day, and I had a great time seeing my family and friends. I have been sad ever since then, thinking that I may never see some of them again, but you will get to see them again in part II! More pictures to come soon!


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