Engagement Surprise Part 2

We woke up extra early Thursday morning to get a head start on the day.

Our Day 4 picture as a newly engaged couple!


We planned to hike all 13 miles out of the park, if our feet could take it. There were some serious blisters going on. It was 9 miles back to Little Yosemite Valley, and then another 4 back down the Mist trail to the valley floor. Thankfully the trail we planned to take back was mostly flat or downhill, so we could move pretty quickly.

We saw a few more furry friends on the trail:


And took a few last pictures of the incredible scenery.



We made it back to Little Yosemite Valley by about 11am, sat and rested our feet for a bit and had some lunch. There were only 4 miles to go but it was the most treacherous part of the trail. Since we knew what we were in for this time, we stopped at the top of the Mist trail and put our rain jackets on. The journey down was scary at times and very cold and wet, but we finally made it and walked back into the valley at about 1:45pm.

After a quick stop at the gift shop, we got on the road to head to San Francisco. Part 2 of our engagement adventure was a surprise trip to the bay area for a couple of days in a fancy hotel near Fisherman’s Wharf.

We checked into our hotel around 8pm and headed up to our room to get cleaned up. It felt so nice to finally have a shower and wash all the grime of the hikes off (I’m not going to lie, we smelled pretty bad). We were finally ready to head to dinner around 9:15pm, which barely left us time to walk to dinner which was about a mile away. My fiancĂ© (that word sounds so weird to me) had been dying for pizza during the drive to San Francisco, so I did a little research on pizza places near the hotel. The place I found, Tommaso’s Italian Ristorante, was in a pretty seedy part of town but turned out to be a fantastic place to get some pizza.



If you’re looking for a cute date night place to eat, with awesome food and a nice atmosphere, this is the place to try. We split a half bottle of champagne to celebrate our engagement, and then split a giant Caesar salad and even bigger pepperoni pizza. All of the food was incredible and we wolfed it down like starving people.

We were exhausted, and by that point it was pretty late, so we just went back to the hotel by way of the wharves. We couldn’t see much in the dark, but it was a nice walk and we headed into the hotel ready for bed.


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