Our engagement mini-moon

On our first morning in San Francisco, my fiancé took me out to breakfast. Not just to any breakfast, but to the ultimate breakfast spot in San Francisco.


A word of warning, we had heard that you needed to get to this place early because of the line, but we didn’t really think anything of it. Since we got up early and just headed straight to Mama’s, we happened to arrive at 7:35, not realizing that they didn’t open until 8am. This put us approximately 10th in line, but allowed us to be in the first wave of people allowed into this tiny restaurant.


My fiancé ordered the Washington Square omelet (Italian sausage, bell peppers, onions, cheese) and a bagel with cream cheese.


I got the cranberry-orange French toast (cranberry walnut bread soaked in orange juice and egg whites).


It was super rich and delicious, and honestly would have been worth a whole hour’s wait in line outside the restaurant.

After breakfast we took a nice long walk to see the sights and work off some of the calories. We walked up to one of the city’s famous landmarks, Coit Tower:


My fiancé just had to check out this hilarious toilet that we found near the tower.


We drove around the city after our walk and hit up a couple of tourist sites.



First, a walk around the Bison Pasture.


Then, a trip to the California Academy of Sciences for my fiancé, who is a huge science nerd :)


He was so excited.


We walked through the rain forest and the aquarium, and even stopped for a show at the planetarium.





Sea horses are my favorite :)

I have to say, it was honestly the fanciest museum of science/history that I have ever been in. If you have kids, or if you just love science and nature, you should definitely include this museum on your list of places to go while in San Francisco.

After we finished up at the museum, we walked from our hotel on the wharves through China Town to Union Square.



We didn’t do much real shopping, just window shopping, once we got to Union Square since most of the stores were more expensive than we could afford. We headed back to our hotel around 7pm to get ready for the fancy dinner my boyfriend had planned for the evening.

When he was planning our secret trip to San Francisco, he made us dinner reservations for Friday night at Fleur de Lys, literally the fanciest, most expensive restaurant I’ve ever eaten at.


Our dinner was incredible. We both had the four course menu, which turned out to be a TON of food. They started with an arrangement of bread slices, some with olives, some with apricots baked in. This was served with a large pat of butter and sea salt. We ordered wine to have with our meal as well. Before our first course even came out, an extra dish was served to us, compliments of the chef. It was some type of cold green soup in a shot glass sized container, served with a large spoon which held a stack of dressed shredded carrots topped with salmon. We were completely unsure of the appropriate way to eat it! I ended up drinking the soup from its container, and then taking the spoon in one bite. I figure if you’re paying that much for a meal you might as well eat it the way you want to.

My first course was an avocado and frisee salad served with seared watermelon and green goddess dressing. My fiance had some sort of prawn dish. For the second course I had crusted Alaskan halibut served with a carrot sauce and a side of pea soup with ham and parmesan cheese. It was all completely amazing, especially considering I would never eat pea soup with ham in my regular life. It’s crazy that restaurants like this can make foods that you don’t normally enjoy taste like the best thing you’ve ever eaten.

For my third course I had the buffalo steak with fig sauce, pickled figs, and a cornbread square. Again, I would never normally eat buffalo, as I very very rarely even eat steak, and this was the most incredible steak I’d ever eaten. If they all tasted like that I’m sure I would eat it more often!

Our fourth and final course was dessert, for which I ordered the amaretto souffle. We actually wound up with four desserts total, the two we had ordered, an extra tray of petit fours, compliments of the chef, and a fourth congratulatory dessert on the house, celebrating our engagement. We wanted to eat everything but we were so incredibly full that we only had room to taste them all. My souffle was amazingly light and fluffy, his vanilla and champagne cheesecake was rich and decadent, the petit fours were interestingly tasty, but the winner of the night in my opinion were the two raspberry filled macarons that came on our congratulatory tray. They were warm, soft and gooey on the inside and were totally unlike anything I’d ever eaten before.

So, the moral of the story is that you should try to visit Fleur de Lys and eat some of their fantastic food if you are ever celebrating a special occasion in San Francisco that calls for a very fancy dinner. And I highly recommend their buffalo steak and macarons if they happen to be on the menu when you’re there.

Our final morning in San Francisco is still to come!


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