The big surprise

Wednesday morning dawned bright and EXTREMELY cold. We were a little over 7000 feet up the mountains, and mornings up there at this point in the year are pretty darn close to freezing.


We had planned a day hike to the camp at Vogelsang peak, with the assumption that we would hit the snow line at some point along the way and would have to turn back. The trail to Vogelsang is about 7 miles long, so that gave us a maximum distance of 14 miles. We figured it would be tough but not terrible since we were only taking day packs and not our full gear. (Part of what made the hiking so rough was that we were carrying packs that weighed approximately 40lbs each. Doesn’t sound too bad until you try to climb up a mountain.) The ascent to Vogelsang would take us to right around 10,000 feet.

IMG_1739We made it about 5 miles before we hit some pretty intense snow that obscured the trail. We even managed to walk about a quarter mile over the snow to get to a nice place where we could have some lunch before we called it quits.


After lunch we turned back to make the 5 mile hike back down the mountain to our camp at Merced Lake.


As you can probably tell, we did a lot of picture taking on our trip. Most of it went along the lines of, “Hey, we should climb up on that log and take a picture!” “Okay!” and then we would set the camera on it’s little tripod, delay the photos for 30 seconds, and run out to wherever we were going to take the picture.

On the way down the mountain, we came to a pretty scenic ledge overlooking the valley. My boyfriend said, “Hey! Let’s take a picture there!” I didn’t think anything of it, since we’d been doing this type of thing the whole time, so I ran out on the ledge and he set up the camera. As soon as he hit the button on the camera, he ran over to his day pack rather than out to the ledge. I was confused, and then I saw he was getting out a little box. I pretty much immediately burst into tears.


I was so surprised. (Yep, he got me good on this one.)

I got it together enough to listen to what he said, and then I was a total mess. And I said yes, obviously :)





He prefaced giving me the ring by telling me that the diamond was mine, but the setting was not. It turns out that he has custom-ordered a setting that wasn’t ready when we headed out for our trip. He went ahead and took the diamond and a relatively cheap Tiffany-style white gold setting so that he would have something to give to me, but we’re taking it back to the store next week for them to make into my real ring.

The actual ring is platinum, with seven diamonds on each side of the band flanking the center stone. He showed me a picture of it, and I have to say he did a really, really good job choosing one for me.

Here’s a photo of the imposter ring ;)



IMG_1760I was so excited I pretty much couldn’t wait to get back and tell everyone. We hiked the rest of the way down to our campsite, and my boyfriend told me all about how he had been searching for a ring since January, and had told me we’d look in June to throw me off the trail. I loved the fact that the scientist and perfectionist in him made him become an expert on everything diamond and ring-related, and that he was so dedicated to getting me the perfect ring. He said he went to just about every store he could find that sold engagement rings (literally, EVERY store. He listed them for me.).

When we got back to our campsite, we made dinner and headed to bed. It was an exhausting day mentally and physically, and we had planned a 13 mile hike straight out of the park for the next day.

Day 4 still to come!


4 thoughts on “The big surprise

  1. i knew it!!! as soon as you said there had been a surprise on the trip i knew what it was. i even think the “impostor ring” is gorgeous! congratulations to you both. any idea when you might want to have the wedding? what a pretty place to propose. i love when people get pictures. my husband planted my best friend nearby to take pictures when he proposed, and i love them even more than some of our wedding pictures because it’s completely spontaneous and is a true reaction in the moment. :)

    • I love the imposter ring too! I like the one he’s having made even more though :)
      We’re thinking right after my internship is finished, tentatively the weekend of October 11-12, 2014. I’m sure I’ll be posting updates!

  2. Congratulations and beautiful pictures. Always so nice to see young people appreciating and enjoyinging the outdoors. What a great idea your boyfriend had. Beautiful mock ring.

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