Homeless no more!

We signed our lease! We’re not going to be homeless!

We’re moving into the house that I posted pictures of before.






I am worried because it’s a good bit more expensive than we had planned, but I’m hoping everything will work out okay.

In other news, we’ve announced our engagement to basically everyone (thanks Facebook). My mom is planning an “engagement party” this Saturday for us, but due to the short notice my fiance has to work and I also don’t have my engagement ring since we dropped it off on Monday to have the diamond reset into the custom setting. Since I brought it up, here’s a mock-up of the final ring:


We changed the head on the setting a little bit, and my diamond is a little larger and taller than the one pictured, but you get the basic idea. My fiance did a good job with the design :)

I also ordered this dress before I knew that we would be having a party this weekend, but it should turn out to be perfect for the event.


It’s from Forever 21 and it’s cute and springy, so I hope it will work well.

I’m off to make a giant pot of coffee so that I can get to work on packing this morning! Hope everyone has a wonderful day and I will be posting some wedding updates soon!


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