Our final morning in San Francisco

Saturday morning was our final morning in San Francisco.


Our first stop was a small coffee stand on the wharf to get coffee and breakfast burritos. Then we walked down to pier 39 to see our sea lion friends :)





I could watch those guys play all day long. Sea lions are so cute!

After munching our breakfast, we walked up and down the wharves looking for some souvenirs for my family. I wanted to get them a little something from our trip because it has been so important and memorable, and because of all the wonderful things they have done for me regarding graduation and our big move.

I also think I forgot to mention previously that my parents spent their honeymoon in San Francisco almost 30 years ago, so the city means something special to all of us.

For my mom, I bought a cute little San Francisco spoon rest.

lg1_000433For my little brother, who is a drummer, I bought a San Francisco Hard Rock cafe shirt.


We’re giving my dad and my fiance’s parents framed pictures of our engagement. We chose this picture to give to them:

IMG_1756The final thing I wanted to bring with my other presents was a bottle of my favorite champagne, to celebrate. Incidentally, it is also the champagne I want to have served at our wedding.

10154Almond Champagne from Messina Hof winery (we picked this up once we were home).

After hitting all the gift shops, we headed back to the hotel to pack up our stuff and get on the road. The trip home was much less eventful than the previous drives, probably because we just wanted to be home at that point. We spent Sunday evening in Austin with my fiance’s parents before heading back to my house on Monday.

Now we’re just playing catch up with all of the stuff we’ve missed and all of the paperwork we have to get finished up before our move.

Back later with a housing update! :)


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