The madness begins

Wedding planning sounds so exciting…. Until you see the checklists with thousands of items on them from sites like Seriously, who has the time and energy to do all of this stuff? I have just been skimming through the sites and tagging pictures I think are pretty and I’m already exhausted. I’m sure I’ll get more into it as we approach the T-minus one year mark and it starts to seem more real, but at the moment it’s so far away that I feel like we’re talking about everything in abstracts.

That brings us to my next point, which is that we’ve set a tentative date! Right now we’re thinking October 12, 2014. It will be a week after my internship is finished, so I’ll have a little bit of time when I get done to get those final details in order.

Right now we’re thinking we’ll have the wedding in Austin, where my fiance’s family lives, since it’s fairly centrally located and hopefully everyone will have less travel time. It’ll also be a fun getaway for my family coming down from Dallas.

So far the things I have done are: a tentative guest list, which I have sent to the parents to start making adjustments, a wedding website (although I don’t really understand what it is for…?), some photos and ideas saved on the knot, and I’ve ordered bridesmaid gifts. I know it’s over a year away, but I should hope my friends won’t change before then. Here’s what I have planned:

I’m sending each of the girls a box with a bottle of wine and this label on it:


Also in the box will be this letter for their home in their first initial and my main (I think??) wedding colors, maroon and champagne.


That’s all I have for now! Do you guys have any wedding planning advice? I’m not going to lie, it all feels a little overwhelming at this point (which is why I’m trying to get the stuff I know I can do myself done)!


3 thoughts on “The madness begins

  1. Don’t stress too much. It will all be ok. I printed all those checklists from the knot too, but i largely ignored them except to skim over and make sure i hadn’t forgotten anything important. Like the photographer. (Which almost happened.) just start with your big things – date, venue (once you have a general idea of size), dress, bridal party, colors. Then you can get the smaller things done in increments closer to time. I don’t know what your budget is like, but we were on a fairly small budget. We got a lot of decorations from craft shop sales and garage sales. Lots of brides sell their stuff after the wedding – and it’s already assembled! We got lots of cool stuff on And don’t be afraid to use up-and-comings. Photography students, new bakeries, college musicians, etc. they are cheaper and they need the positive publicity.

  2. I basically told my mom my colors and flower preferences and she went to town from there while i was in school. She found most everything and put it together even better than i had hoped for. It’s your day, but don’t be afraid to delegate. It will make your life so much easier.

  3. Congrats! I had a really, really small wedding (like less than 30 people, total)and I loved it. It was very low stress, and I threw those checklists right out the window. We had a serious budget, since we paid for it on our own, and it was great. I do want a big white spectacle for our 10 year anniversary, but I wouldn’t have changed anything about our wedding for the world. It was about us, our families, and having a GREAT time. Make sure you get a nice copy of your vows to frame! We wrote our together and it’s my favorite thing in the whole house. :)

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