It takes me back…

The past few days have been just a teensy bit crazy.

My house is ripped apart right now. There is furniture in the garage, boxes are everywhere, and my pets think it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. They especially love the mattresses being on the floor.


I’ve gone through a lot of papers and things that I haven’t looked at in a long time while I’ve been packing, and I happened to run across some old photos yesterday. I went ahead and scanned them so that they’re safe. Here’s some vintage Teddy, circa 2005.

Teddy Photos 13

Teddy Photos 11

Teddy Photos 10

Teddy Photos 9

Teddy Photos 3

Teddy Photos 2

Teddy Photos 6

My guess is that these pics are from one of our first shows together since I can see that we were only doing Training level at that point. I miss competing so much, I hope we’ll have time to get back into it this year in Kentucky.

Also today I’ve been setting up our new utilities at our new house so that we have power and water and cable when we move in. I don’t know that my fiance has even thought that far ahead, so I’m glad someone in the relationship has this stuff under control… He’s just going to have to be happy with the number of channels and speed of internet that I ordered ;)

On the wedding front…

We got the 3D image of my ring at the end of last week and gave the jewelers the go ahead to begin making the final product!

Engagement ring

Hopefully I should have it within the next few weeks. It feels weird right now to tell people I’m engaged, because they all instantly check for the ring, which I don’t have :(

I’ve been planning what I can this week, since I have a little bit more time right now than I will once we move. My planning at this point feels kind of random, I’ve just been kind of working on whatever I feel like at the time. We have a tentative guest list finished, and I have a list of venues that I want to go check out. I’ve also saved a lot of inspiration photos, mostly of decor and dresses. Just for the sake of time, I think I’m going to follow this post up with a second post on my wedding details so far.

Back in a bit with the wedding planning update!



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