Wedding Planning, Part I

I’m back with my update on the wedding planning front! (Warning: This is a photo loaded post!)

My idea for the theme of our wedding is vintage equestrian. I don’t want the horse theme to be overpowering, but I do want it to be fairly prominent. I actually found a wedding online with a very similar theme, that I would love to do over in our wedding colors.

So, speaking of colors…

The colors I’ve chosen are maroon and champagne, maroon for my school, and champagne because it’s a little more vintage-y feeling than white (although my dress will still be white I’m sure). I’m also adding some minor colors so it’s not too one note, probably a bright pink (fuschia or honeysuckle) and maybe some dark purple (aubergine or eggplant) as well.

Here are the venues that I have been looking at:

The Inn at Wild Rose Hall – probably my favorite!






Red Corral Ranch – gorgeous, but a little too country.





The Winfield Inn – it’s a little blah…



Chappel Lodge – probably my second favorite, I think it’s classy :)




In my searches on Pinterest and the Knot, I inadvertently saved multiple photos from the same wedding without realizing it. I finally found the original site, with all of the photos, and I absolutely adore the whole thing. It’s classy but it has the vintage equestrian flare that I’m going for. Here are the photos:

Tall centerpieces



Macarons!!!! I want these at my wedding!

Equestrian theme Chandeliers


Moss horse decor


Horse Wedding pic

Equestrian centerpieces

I would love to hand these pictures over to a planner and say, do it over in maroon and champagne. Unfortunately we’re not going to have a planner (to my knowledge), so I think I’m going to have to do it myself. Would it be tacky to use my own ribbons and silver from back in the day as decorations like this girl did?

One of the other super important things I’ve been looking at are ideas for my dress. I showed my mom and brother the first round of photos that I had saved, and they didn’t really like the dresses I had picked. I’ve never really been a poofy dress kind of girl, but I kind of feel like for my wedding that’s what I want. It’ll feel different than anything I’ve ever worn, and I also feel like an A-line or ballgown will be really flattering since I’m smaller on top. My mom and brother were more interested in fitted dresses, but honestly I don’t know that I can pull it off. Here are the dresses I like:

Allure Bridals 8957 Jenny Lee 1102 Kleinfeld - Hayley Paige 32686552

Lazaro 3108

After the negative response from my mom and brother, I looked for a couple of fit and flares that I might like.

Allure Bridals 8921

Alvina Valenta 9300

Alvina Valenta 9311

I don’t know, they’re just not my favorite. I guess I will just have to see how they look when I try them on. I would like to think that I’ll lose enough weight before the big day to look good in whatever I want to wear, but I’m just really not that optimistic :(

Here are a few more decor ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest and the Knot that I would love to incorporate into our wedding:

Bouquet 3



Guestbook table

Horseshoes 2

Vertical ribbon cake

Vintage Menu Cards

Vintage trophy centerpieces

What else, what else?

I’ve got a good start on our guest list, and I started working on our music last night. (This brings up the question, what order do I plan in? Is it okay that I’m being totally random here?)

Here’s our music list so far:

CeremonyPrelude – “Angel” by Jon Secada
Processional – “May it be” by Hayley Westenra
Bride Entrance – “Canon in D Major” by Pachelbel
Recessional – “Ever, Ever After” by Carrie Underwood
Postlude – “Love Story” by Taylor Swift

First Dance – “Crazy Girl” by Eli Young BandFather Daughter – “My Father’s Eyes”  by Eric Clapton
Mother Son – “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins
Cake Cutting – “Marry Me” by Train
Anniversary Dance – “In My Life” by the Beatles
Bouquet Toss – “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child
Garter Removal – “Short skirt/Long jacket” by Cake
Last Dance – “Accidentally in Love” by Counting Crows

Who knows how much of this will stay the same, but those are my ideas so far. What do you guys think?


2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning, Part I

  1. My biggest advice is about the dress: go with what you love. Even if others don’t like it as much as you do, it’s your dress, and you will look back on the photos and your memories and if you didn’t like the dress but got it because others liked it, you won’t be as happy. I bought my dress because we were at a sample sale and my family felt pressured to purchase while the price was low. My mom cried when she saw me; she loved it; and I figured “ehh, it’s a good deal so it’ll grow on me,” and i really wish i hadn’t done that. i even toyed with the idea of buying a different dress at one point, and even now i see others’ pictures and wish i had gone with a different dress. mine was fine, it was pretty, but it wasn’t what i had really wanted. so go with what you want; it will just have to grow on others. if you like the way it looks, fits, feels, etc. then do it. you’re wearing it, not them. trust me, i cannot stress that enough.

  2. And don’t go with a big name photographer just because he/she is famous without really knowing his/her wedding style. we used a family friend who does photography for the country music association and we were really infatuated with his fame, but then his wedding style wasn’t what i had wanted. so be careful about that too.

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