Making our house a home :)

Well, we’ve done it! We’re all moved in!

We’ve just about got everything organized, and have almost everything donated to Goodwill that’s going to go. Right now all we have left to work on is staining our bed frame (my fiance’s) to match my bedroom furniture set, which is black. The pieces are currently out in the garage drying, and I think they’ll be ready to move in soon.

We also still have to work on hanging our pictures, and we need to pick up a couple of things to make our house seem a little more complete (like a TV stand for one of the guest rooms so that the TV isn’t just sitting on the floor).

So far I love the way the house is turning out, and I will definitely post pics when we are finished :)

I also got to go see my horses yesterday for the first time in what seems like forever! I took my older guy out for a gallop around the neighboring farm, and I got my young girl out and lunged her for a bit (to get her back in the working frame of mind). She can be a little silly the first couple of days back to work.

Here’s one of the neighbors over the fence:


I love baby horses, they’re so cute! :)

We’ve been to the grocery store twice now, once on the second day here just for essentials and again last night for a major stocking up. Here’s what we considered essentials:


My fiance was so excited to see Shiner available here in Kentucky that he literally ran up and hugged it in the store :)

In other news, we finally have an estimated arrival date for my finished engagement ring! It shipped today and should arrive here in Lexington on Monday. Hopefully I will be able to go pick it up since Monday is my first day of work. Here are the final pictures, I can’t wait to have it back!

ImageImageI love it!!! :D

That’s about it for now, just cleaning and organizing our last remaining stuff and getting things ready for Monday!


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