Internship Day 1

Sunday marked the end of our luxury move-in week, and our house is most of the way done.

We still have a lot of organizing to do in our office, and we need to hang a lot of stuff, but all in all it’s looking pretty good.









Yesterday was my first day of my internship here in Lexington. I woke up at 5:00am to leave for the YMCA at 5:30. After lifting weights and running for half an hour, I hit the showers to get cleaned up and dressed.

At 8:30 I met with the HR department and signed all of the insurance and employment paperwork. I received all of the new employee handbooks, my parking permit and magnets to put on my car to identify my hospital. I should be receiving my hospital cell phone today, and I get to order polos and jackets with my hospital’s logo on them soon.

For the afternoon I rode out with one of the veterinarians in the sport horse department that I will be working with this year. We didn’t see anything major, just rechecked a couple of lamenesses and shot a couple radiographs on a stallion with sore feet, just to make sure he wasn’t foundering.

After work I ran by the stable to vaccinate my horses for botulism, which is a difficult vaccine to come by in Texas since the prevalence of botulism is very low in our dry climate. I decided to vaccinate them once we got to Kentucky since it’s a routine vaccine up here.

I met my fiancé back at the house for dinner, and he surprised me with this:


It’s finally here!!! I was so excited!

Back later with an internship day 2 update!


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