Another day of orientation

Today was another long day of orientation with the surgery interns.

We met up at 8am for our training on biosecurity, how to use the X-ray machines, and how to rescue horses in emergencies. We broke at 10 for what became a 3 hour lunch break, and my classmate and I went out to the barn for a ride.

A storm blew through last night, and apparently our part of town missed the majority of it. The barn however, was right in the worst of the storm’s path and was a total wreck.

Fallen trees

Trees were down all over the property, fences had broken boards, and the ground was muddy and slick. Unfortunately this didn’t bode well for riding, and we were limited to a slow hack around the property next door. Both horses behaved themselves well, and it was nice to get out and ride without any expectations. I also caught a picture of Teddy with his new pasture-buddy:

Teddy and friend

Aren’t they cute together? And surprisingly clean for the amount of mud everywhere.

We headed back to the hospital for more sessions in the afternoon, and then I headed home to have a quiet evening with the fiance. Hopefully we’ll have more exciting stories tomorrow!


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