The first few days

We arrived in Elk Rapids, Michigan at about 6:30 Sunday evening. Our house is strange but cute.


It has lots of odd rooms, nooks and crannies that don’t really go together. Here’s the room I’m staying in:



It’s pretty cute. The whole house is decorated nicely, but it obviously hasn’t been updated in at least 10-20 years. We also read over our rental agreement that was waiting when we arrived, and found out that the show is paying a whopping $6,000 for the month for our rent. I guess this is a pretty touristy spot?

Our third house-mate, one of the technicians from the hospital who is doing night watch for the show, brought her adorable cat with her to hang out with us for the month.


His name is Jackson, and he has diabetes so she has to give him insulin shots twice a day. We’ve been walking around the house saying “Diabeetus” for the last couple of days and laughing hysterically :)

Sunday night we went down town with a couple of people from the horse show and wandered around till we found somewhere to have dinner. We hadn’t realized how late it was, since the sun doesn’t set here until almost 10pm.

We ate at a brewery in downtown Traverse City, and I had the Tuna Niçoise salad. It was pretty good, although my tuna was a bit overdone and fishy.

Monday morning I was up at 6am thanks to the early sunrise (we are REALLY far north!) I went for a run along the beach, a few blocks from our rental house.


When I got back to the house I cleaned up and we headed out to the horse show. We met the show organizer, drove around the grounds to get our bearings, and then headed out to run some errands. Mondays we’re only on call, so we were able to get a lot done. We bought groceries at Walmart and then went back to the house to unpack, change, and head to the beach.



I got a little burned, but at least I’ll be able to work on my tan some while I’m here! We went to Target after the beach to pick up a few things we had forgotten, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon scoping out gyms.

We finally found a decent one that would let us pay for a single Monty’s membership and it was reasonably priced so we went ahead and joined.

After eating dinner at a hotel restaurant with some more show people, and drinking more wine than I probably should have, we headed home to get to bed. We planned to check out our new gym this morning and because of the drive times between the house, gym, and show grounds we had to leave by 5:30.

The gym is pretty nice, and it has some super fancy cardio equipment. I used a stationary bike with games on it and biked pretty hard for about 35 minutes. Then I headed down and did about half of a leg workout on the weight machines before we had to go shower and change.

Now we’re at the horse show, waiting for work. We have a pre-purchase scheduled around noon, but otherwise it seems pretty quiet.

Hopefully some exciting things happen for me to tell you about!


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