I signed up for Sparkpeople with a new account today. I used to love SP back in undergrad, but I need a new identity on there to go with my new goals. If you want to join me, my username is Veterinarianess.

I also have not worked out today yet since we had to be at the horse show before the gym opened this morning.

Today’s meals:

Breakfast: 1/2c Greek yogurt with 3/4c Nature’s Path cereal – 4 points

Lunch: Taco salad ( 1/2c black beans, 100 cal wholly guacamole, jalapeños, salsa, FF cheddar, 2T light sour cream) – 7 points

Snacks: 2 hard boiled eggs, string cheese, plum, 100 cal almonds – 8 points

Dinner: Lean Cuisine pizza – 8 points

Total: 27 points

Current weight: 146.5 lbs
Goal weight: 126 lbs
Days to wedding: 448


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